Gimme Shelter Performers’ Emergency Fund

Deadline July 30, 2020

As Oregon and the rest of the world navigate an unprecedented global pandemic, thousands of people have lost their livelihoods and their businesses. And it has hit the arts and entertainment world particularly hard.

As concerts, shows and readings have canceled across the board to support social distancing, Oregon artists, musicians, and entertainers have lost their livelihoods.

GIMME SHELTER EMERGENCY FUND was created to help performers affected by these cancellations to keep a roof over their heads while we all weather this storm. That means every type of entertainer – actors, musicians, burlesque performers, strippers, drag queens, storytellers, stand up comics…if you are a performer and have lost gigs due to this pandemic, we’re here to help with grants of up to $500 for rent or mortgage assistance.

Applicants can apply here:

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