It’s been just shy of a year since I first came to RACC, and I continue to be energized by the region’s commitment and passion for culture, creativity and the arts.   

Through hundreds of conversations in 2019, I have heard time and again that when RACC connects artists with resources, opportunities and each other, our communities become stronger. I have heard great enthusiasm for RACC to incubate new ideas, and a hunger to innovate the role of an arts council in today’s world. And I am inspired by our staff and board’s commitment to ensuring that the arts are accessible to everyone in our community—a vision of RACC that is of, by and for all.

As just one example of RACC placing equity front and center, we made a thoughtful shift in the way we provide General Operating Support to arts organizations earlier this year. This evolution, in the works for two years, moves us from an organization that measures success only in numbers (grants awarded, public art pieces sited and classrooms served), to one that also measures its relevancy in how funding is distributed and how assets are placed. This is true equity work, and this report details several other accomplishments and changes over the past year that illuminate similar shifts in thinking.  

As the Portland metropolitan region continues to experience unprecedented growth, we know that our creative communities are struggling. This year RACC supported more artists and nonprofit organizations and schools than ever before, but the rising cost of living continues to work against us. Our work in the year ahead will involve not only diligently safeguarding existing resources, but also increasing our fundraising and advocacy efforts to better support our vital and vibrant arts community.

Going forward, we reaffirm RACC’s commitment to guaranteed access to culture, creativity and the arts for all people—regardless of economic status, race or zip code. To our government partners, private sector investors and community collaborators, we appreciate your support in this endeavor.

With gratitude,

Madison Cario, Executive Director





About Racc

Our Vision:

An environment where arts and culture flourish and prosper.

Our Mission:

To enrich our communities through arts and culture.

Our Values:

  • We value freedom of artistic and cultural expression as a
    fundamental human right.
  • We value a diversity of artistic and cultural experiences.
  • We value a community in which everyone can participate in arts and culture.
  • We value a community that celebrates and supports its artists, and its arts and cultural organizations.
  • We value arts and culture as key elements in creating desirable places to live, work and visit.



RACC Audited Financial Statements FY2018-19

Click on the revenue pie chart below to reveal more detail.


Public support $11,974,022 89.6%
Private sector contributions $617,377 4.6%
Earned income $772,100 5.8%
Total Revenue $13,363,499 100.0%

FY19 revenue includes $20,000 pass-through funds for Clackamas County Arts Action Alliance, and $153,775 pass-through funds for County Cultural Coalitions.

Advocacy $343,145 2.7%
Grants & PD Programs* $7,914,879 61.7%
Public Art $1,748,329 13.6%
Community Services $310,656 2.4%
Arts Education $1,187,303 9.3%
Fundraising $138,099 1.1%
Management & General $1,172,766 9.2%
Total expenses $12,815,177 100.0%
Increase in Net Assets $110,347
Net assets at beginning of year $2,233,032
Net assets at end of year $2,343,379

* Includes $108,904 WFA Donor Designated funds to Arts Organizations, and pass-through funds to Clackamas County Arts Alliance, and the Cultural Coalitions of Washington and Multnomah Counties

Highlights: Year In Review

RACC is spreading the word about the impact and importance of artists, arts organizations and arts education. 

  • RACC represented the community’s arts organizations in more than 40 workplace giving campaigns across the region, including NW Natural, Portland General Electric, The Standard, and Stoel Rives. Contributions to RACC’s Arts Impact Fund benefit more than 70 arts organizations in the Portland metro area.  

Participating Companies, Governments, and Organizations

  • *partners in workplace giving
  • Architecture Building Culture 
  • Blackmat Properties 
  • Bluebird Guesthouse 
  • Bora Architects* 
  • Broadway Rose Theatre Company* 
  • Bullivant Houser Bailey* 
  • Cambia Health Solutions* 
  • City of Lake Oswego* 
  • City of Portland* 
  • Clackamas County 
  • First Interstate Bank
  • Fred Meyer Community Rewards
  • Holst Architecture* 
  • Illuminated Mind, Inc. 
  • Intel 
  • Kaiser Permanente 
  • KeyBank 
  • Lane Powell* 
  • Mahlum Architects* 
  • McDonald Jacobs* 
  • Metro* 
  • Metropolitan Group* 
  • MLC Engineering 
  • Moda Health* 
  • Modernist Financial* 
  • Multnomah County* 
  • Niedermedia, LLC 
  • Nike* 
  • NW Natural* 
  • Oregon Ballet Theatre* 
  • Oregon Health & Science University* 
  • Perkins & Co* 
  • Pop Art* 
  • Port of Portland* 
  • Portland Opera* 
  • Portland Art Museum/NW Film Center* 
  • Portland Center Stage* 
  • Portland General Electric* 
  • Portland Public Schools* 
  • PosterGarden 
  • Regional Arts & Culture Council Staff and Board* 
  • Rose City Ballet School 
  • SERA Architects* 
  • State of Oregon Agencies & Universities* 
  • Stoel Rives* 
  • Studio 212 Interiors 
  • Teresa Ruch Designs 
  • The Portland Ballet* 
  • The Standard* 
  • Therapeutic Associates, Inc. 
  • Tonkon Torp* 
  • TriMet* 
  • Umpqua Bank*
  • US Bank 
  • Washington County*
  • Young Audiences of Oregon*
  • ZGF Architects*

Artists in the Workplace

  • Jasmine CottrellThe August Wilson Red Door Project 
  • Christine Martell 
  • Alley Pezanoski-Browne, Independent Publishing Resource Center 
  • Matt Schlosky 
  • Robert Villegas 
  • In collaboration with the City of Portland Revenue Division, RACC developed a colorful flyer to educate taxpayers on the background of the City’s Arts Education & Access Fund (AEAF), or Arts Tax, and to illustrate where the money goes. The City collected a record $13,229,754 in FY2018-19.   
  • RACC deployed advocacy alerts in the spring of 2019 when President Trump once again proposed the elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities and directed advocates to an online tool that helped them easily contact their Members of Congress. Funding for the NEA and NEH remains precarious, but RACC will continue to support bipartisan efforts to maintain these vital federal programs.
  • The region benefits from a strong creative economy and STEAM education strategies, and RACC hosted Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici and National Endowment for the Arts Chair Mary Anne Carter this past summer to discuss federal support RACC’s initiatives and the broader nonprofit arts sector. 


The arts are essential to a well-rounded education, and we are committed to supporting an arts-rich culture in every school. The arts provide opportunities for all children to create, communicate, think critically, collaborate, and learn to think in new ways. In our vision, arts education starts early and lasts a lifetime. 

  • The Right Brain Initiative, now its 12th year, brought arts-integrated learning experiences to 30,853 students across three counties and eight school districts in 2018-19. 

2018-19 Right Brain Schools (online map)

  • RACC supported 74 art, music and dance teachers funded by the Arts Education & Access Fund by providing professional development opportunities to help them deliver high-quality arts learning for 34,092 K-5 students. 
  • Portland was one of six cities selected by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to participate in a three-year national data initiative supported by the U.S. Department of Education. The goal of the project is to further expand student access to the arts in public schools by providing each participating community with a data and mapping platform known as artlook®, which was developed by Ingenuity, a Chicago-based arts nonprofit in collaboration with Chicago Public Schools. When fully implemented, artlook® will allow our community to better understand the arts education landscape within Portland’s six school districts, and use data to set strategy and measure progress. 
  • Arts education information on RACC’s website has been updated to include a map of schools served by RACC; offers a summary of arts education experiences for young people; and a list of arts education funding resources (grants, supplies, etc.) to help teachers support the arts in their schools. 


RACC’s community engagement efforts continue to focus on building relationships and engaging communities that have historically been left out of the dominant narrative. 

  • RACC has hosted six community conversations since July 2018 as part of its Art & Power series, which centers the voices of artists of color. Themes included Activating Social Change, Centering the Voices of Native Artists, Restorative Justice, Beyond Gender and Sexuality, Disability and Accessibility, and Centering the Voices of Black Artists.

Art & Power speakers and moderators

  • Anna Vo
  • Tazha Williams
  • Helday de la Cruz
  • Donovan Smith
  • Shyla Spicer
  • Jacqueline Keeler
  • Anthony Hudson/Carla Rossi
  • Rose High Bear
  • Elijah Hassan
  • Janessa Narciso
  • Jesus Torralba
  • Ahsante Sankofa Foree
  • Maya Vivas
  • Garima Thakur
  • Elea Chang
  • Leila Haile
  • Luann V. Tan
  • Bemnia Lathan
  • S. Renee Mitchell
  • Carlos the Rollerblader
  • Christine Miller
  • Mic Crenshaw
  • Art Spark, RACC’s quarterly networking event to celebrate Portland’s creative community and exchange resources, highlighted 17 community organizations and 21 artists. A special August 10 edition of Art Spark celebrated and connected artists who participated in RACC’s mural-making workshop with Philadelphia Mural Arts.

Art Spark speakers and featured artists

  • Molly Mendoza
  • Patricia Vazquez
  • Tomás Alfredo Valladares
  • Alex Chiu
  • Mehran Heard aka Eat Cho
  • YAE! (Young Artists Empowerment) Camp including Raven Jones Camp Founder, Program Manager and Ariana Simon, Camp Director, Program Coordinator
  • DJ No Manches aka Diana Suarez of Noche Libre
  • Vi Son Trinh
  • Natassja Pal
  • Special acknowledgment to pre-Art Spark workshop presenters: Shira Walinsky and Cathy Harris from Mural Arts Philadelphia


Through a range of grant programs and technical assistance offerings, RACC provides a stable base of support for artists and nonprofit organizations throughout the region.

  • In FY2018-19, RACC awarded a record sum of $6,765,330 to 195 artists and 187 nonprofit organizations. Click here for a complete list.
  • After years of planning, RACC announced significant changes to its General Operating Support program in January, 2019. To address the historic disparity of its existing funding model, and to nurture a more diverse arts ecosystem, RACC’s new distribution model will result in funding increases for 80% of RACC’s GOS partners next year, benefiting primarily smaller and midsized groups.  
  • RACC’s Capacity Building Program, now in its third year, provides financial support and access to professional development opportunities for 10 arts organizations that serve under-represented populations and whose leadership reflects those populations’ communities. Participating organizations in 2019 include Cymaspace, Disability Art and Culture Project, Instituto de Cultura y Arte In Xochitl In Cuicatl, MediaRites, Morpheus Youth Project, Outside the Frame, Passinart: A Theatre Company, Portland Taiko, Vanport Mosaic and World Stage Theatre.
  • In May, RACC announced a new Catalyst category of project grants, designed to create more pathways for applicants that have never received RACC funding. Grants in this new category are set at $3,000 each, with a shorter and simpler application. Artists applying in this category also receive enhanced support from RACC staff to administer their grant.
  • The grants team also coordinated a variety of other programs to support artists and organizations, including professional development artist workshops, the Art of the Leadership board development program, and the Cultural Leadership Program.


Public art reflects the diversity of our communities. RACC is dedicated to helping artists to advance their work, making that work accessible, and encouraging conversations about the role of art and artists in our communities.

  • The Portland Building renovation has been a major focus. International artist Refik Anadol is creating a groundbreaking data sculpture and projection installation that is being 3-D printed in collaboration with international high tech partners. He has developed the sculpture using data collected from the City and from community. Additional commissions are underway by Crystal Schenk & Shelby Davis, Kayin & Cleo Davis and Adam Sorenson. A professional conservation crew cleaned and restored Portlandia (Raymond Kaskey, 1985), a project that was funded by the building renovation’s percent for art.
  • The new Gladys McCoy Building, home of the Multnomah County Health Department, features a glass, tile and sculptural installation by artist Francesco Simeti and many portable works by regional artists. A series of portraits of Gladys McCoy are also underway.
  • In partnership with Mural Arts Philadelphia, RACC produced a full-day workshop for 40 local emerging and established mural artists on how to engage community in the mural-making process. Artist Molly Mendoza was part of this workshop and has already used some of her new knowledge in developing the mural project she will do at Walker Stadium in Lents Park.
  • Three artist-in-residence projects took place in 2019, with City of Portland Archives (artists Kayin Talton Davis & Cleo Davis), Humboldt Neighborhood (artists Sharita Towne & Lisa Bates) and Cully Park in collaboration with Portland Parks & Recreation and the Bureau of Environmental Services (artists Toma Villa & Shirod Younkers).
  • Artists Christine Clark & Tyler Fuqua are completing projects for Glenhaven and Lynchview Parks respectively. They are also working with a mentee cohort of five artists who are learning the public art process all through the project. Community members have been seminal in the selection process for each project.
  • RACC relocated Contemplative Place, a basalt sculptural environment by artist Michihiro Kosuge, from Ed Benedict Park to Leach Botanical Garden.

Artist Purchases & Commissions in 2019

  • Portable Works Purchases:
  • Bayann Alkhatib
  • Natasha Bacca
  • Sadé Beasley
  • Amy Bernstein
  • Peter Blanchard
  • Pat Boas
  • Sarah Bouwsma
  • Barb Burwell
  • Patrice Cameron
  • Anna Daedalus
  • Shawn Demarest
  • Baba Wague Diakite
  • Poppy Dully
  • Andrei Engelman
  • Tamara English
  • Tia Factor
  • Anna Gray
  • Ryan Wilson Paulsen
  • Laura Heit
  • William Hernandez
  • Grant Hottle
  • Hsin-Yi Huang
  • Shobha Jetmalani
  • Joanna Kaufman
  • Samir Khurshid
  • Ruth Lantz
  • Michael Loen
  • Stacy Lovejoy
  • Latoya Lovely
  • Miroslav Lovric
  • Chet Malinow
  • Dino Matt
  • Ellen McFadden
  • Sarah Meadows
  • Cyrus Nahab
  • Aja Ngo
  • Lisa Onstad
  • Haruka Ostley
  • Alyson Provax
  • Quire Ridwana Rahman
  • Erika Rier
  • Rebecca Rodela
  • Michelle Ross
  • Petra Sairanen
  • Ivan Salcido
  • Akram Sarraj
  • Naomi Shigeta
  • Adam Sorensen
  • Anshula Tayal
  • Phyllis Trowbridge
  • Brittany Vega
  • Shu-Ju Wang
  • Hobbs Waters
  • Rachel Wolf
  • Beth Yazhari
  • Larry Yes
  • Renee Zangara
  • Permanently Sited Artworks:
  • Bruce Forster
  • Mural Artists:
  • Ariel Anderson
  • Anisa Asakawa
  • Brianne Butler
  • Addie Boswell
  • Adam Ciresi
  • Jennifer Gillia Cutshall
  • Isabel Deaver
  • Jordan Dumont
  • Danielle DeMuro
  • Adam Garcia
  • Gage Hamilton
  • Jesse Hazelip
  • William Hernandez
  • Yuji Hiratsuka
  • Timothy Karpinski
  • Jo Lundberg
  • Maria Makalapua
  • Jennifer Mark
  • Drew Merritt
  • Sasha Milijevic
  • Senada Milijevic
  • Juliet Moran
  • Jess Mudgett
  • Nia Musiba
  • Jeff Pheil
  • Rather Severe
  • David Rice
  • Nouel Riel
  • Cheyenne Sawyer
  • Austin Sellers
  • Russell Short (Klutch)
  • Pace Taylor
  • Antwoine Thomas
  • Lane Walkup
  • Bryce Wong
  • Zack Yarrington
  • Wesley Younie
  • Other artists under contract for commissioned work:
  • Intisar Abioto
  • Refik Anadol
  • Lynn Basa
  • Lisa Bates
  • Addie Boswell
  • Christine Clark
  • Cleo Davis
  • Kayin Talton Davis
  • Shelby Davis
  • Tyler Fuqua
  • Rob Lewis
  • Molly Mendoza
  • Crystal Schenk
  • Francesco Simeti
  • Antwoine Thomas
  • Barbara Earl Thomas
  • Hank Willis Thomas
  • Sharita Towne


We are grateful to the many individuals and organizations who contributed to RACC’s success and helped us expand our impact in 2019:

RACC’s Board of Directors

  • Board of Directors:
  • Linda McGeady, Chair
  • Angela Hult, Vice Chair
  • James Smith, Treasurer
  • Frances Portillo, Secretary
  • Raymond C. Cheung
  • Eve Connell
  • Katherine Durham
  • Bob Geddes
  • Debbie Glaze
  • Leslie Heilbrunn
  • Amy Kutzkey
  • Parker Lee
  • Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas
  • Eduardo Puelma
  • Alejandro Queral
  • Anita Yap

Resource Council

  • Alan Alexander III
  • Pam Baker
  • Jesse Beason
  • Verlea Briggs
  • Claudia Burnett
  • Jennifer Cies
  • Jay Clemens
  • Eileen L. Day
  • George Forbes
  • Eric Friedenwald-Fishman
  • Gwyneth Gamble Booth
  • Kira Higgs
  • Phillip Hillaire
  • Eric Hormel
  • Susheela Jayapal
  • Karen Karbo
  • Mike Lindberg
  • Gary R. Maffei
  • Mary Maletis
  • Peg Malloy
  • Julie Mancini
  • Brenda Meltebeke
  • Josie Mendoza
  • Cate Millar
  • Max M. Miller Jr.
  • Randy J. Miller
  • Carole Morse
  • Bonita Oswald
  • Robert G. Packard
  • Dorothy Piacentini
  • Bettsy Preble
  • Joanna Priestley
  • Jan Robertson
  • Steve Rosenbaum
  • Mary B. Ruble
  • Joan Eliot Sappington
  • Lina Garcia Seabold
  • Carol Smith
  • Yvonne Tengwall
  • Craig Thompson
  • Julie Vigeland
  • Clark Worth

Government liaisons

  • Portland City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly
  • Pollyanne Faith Birge and Robin Mullins in Commissioner Eudaly’s Office
  • Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish
  • Asena Lawrence and Jamie Dunphy in Commissioner Fish’s Office
  • Giyen Kim and Shoshanah Oppenheim in the City of Portland Office of Management and Finance
  • Multnomah County Commissioner Susheela Jayapal
  • Sara Ryan in Commissioner Jayapal’s Office
  • Clackamas County Commissioner Martha Schrader
  • Clackamas County Arts Alliance
  • Washington County Commissioner Dick Schouten
  • Raziah Roushan, Tualatin Valley Creates
  • Michele McCall-Wallace, City of Hillsboro
  • Metro Councilor Christine Lewis

    Workplace Giving Partners, Champions, and Campaign Coordinators

    • Judy Anderson
    • Taaj Armstrong 
    • Kregg Arntson 
    • Carissa Barry 
    • Ric Battaglia 
    • Chuck Baumann 
    • Koren Benish 
    • Stephie Billinger 
    • Taylor Blythe 
    • Nanci Booher 
    • Rachel Brand 
    • Celeste Brannon 
    • Linda Brown 
    • Megan Brown 
    • Michael Cattaneo 
    • Kurt Chiusolo 
    • Chardonnay Cintron 
    • Cary Clarke 
    • Mike Cooper 
    • Steve Cox 
    • Lisa de Melogue 
    • Alexandra Eldridge 
    • Ruth Ellen King 
    • Shannon Goulter 
    • Jessica Gushulak 
    • Rachel Harrison 
    • Catherine Hayes 
    • Liana Haywood 
    • Sarika Herigstad 
    • Gail Hoddevik 
    • Kelsey Huwaldt 
    • Paul Jacobs 
    • Liliya Jones 
    • Suzanne Kanter 
    • Kate Kilbourne 
    • Brett Kimball 
    • Alan King 
    • Matthew Kwiatkowski 
    • Aeri Lee 
    • Georgia Lee Hussey 
    • Jay LeVitre 
    • Beth Levy 
    • Heather Limon 
    • Kristie LoPresti 
    • Judy Lynn 
    • Tami Mahrt 
    • Barbara Marineau 
    • Eric Martin 
    • Jennifer Matsumura 
    • Tim McMahan 
    • Ronnie Meyers 
    • Mary Moerlins 
    • Jennifer Nelson 
    • David Nijhawan 
    • Carol O’Connell 
    • Debby Patten 
    • Tom Paul
    • Sarah Payton 
    • Mike Peden 
    • Darvin Pierce 
    • Tracy Rogers 
    • Robin Rudiger 
    • Dorothy Sampson 
    • Lauren Sanchez
    • Ken Scholes 
    • Robyn Shuey 
    • Samantha Sondag 
    • Dominique Sparks 
    • Bob Speltz 
    • Aura Spivey 
    • Janet Storm 
    • Karis Stoudamire-Phillips 
    • Sierra Stringfield 
    • Von Summers 
    • Marie Swanberg 
    • Brandy Trotter 
    • Leisa Vandehey 
    • Sarah Weber 
    • Whitney Welsh 
    • Shari Young 

    Grants Panelists

    • Aaron Wheeler-Kay
    • Abby McKee
    • Adolfo Canto-Villarreal
    • Alain LeTourneau
    • Alan Lytle
    • Alberta Poon
    • Alejandro Queral
    • Alex Haslett
    • Alley Pezanoski-Browne
    • Allison Wales
    • Ally Harris
    • Amaya Santamaria
    • Angela Hult
    • Ariella Tai
    • Ayako Kataoka
    • Carissa Burkett
    • Carter Hubbard
    • Catherine Hayes
    • Chariti Montez
    • Chris Ayzoukian
    • Consuelo Wise
    • Daniela Serna
    • December Carson
    • Emily Running
    • Eve Johnstone
    • Ezekiel Brown
    • Fran Bittakis
    • Frances Portillo
    • Gloria Lee
    • Hilary Galian
    • Jamondria Harris
    • Jarkko Cain
    • Jasmine Cottrell
    • Jenna Yokoyama
    • Jennifer Hancock
    • Jessica Reynolds
    • Jessica Lagunas
    • Jesus Rosales
    • Joamette Gil
    • John Niekrasz
    • Jonathan Hill
    • Joni Whitworth
    • Julia Bray
    • Kathleen Lane
    • Kirsten Collins
    • Kourtnee Buechner
    • Laura Lo Forti
    • Lauren Schaefer
    • Lynn Yarne
    • Maggie Allen
    • Marilia Gabriela Gimenes Silva
    • Mark Woodward
    • Matthew Miller
    • Maura Campbell-Balkits
    • Maya Vivas
    • Melanie Flood
    • Melanie Stevens
    • Melina Coumas
    • Mia O’Connor-Smith
    • Molly King
    • Morgan Ritter
    • Nalin Silva
    • Nim Wunnan
    • Onnie Allen
    • Patrick Browne
    • Paul Maziar
    • Paul Rutz
    • Pollyanne Birge
    • Ralph Puget
    • RaShaunda Brooks
    • Renee Muzquiz
    • Richard Jung
    • Robbie McClaran
    • Roberta Woods
    • Roland Wu
    • Rusty Tennant
    • Samson Syharath
    • Sarah Brahim
    • Sarah Marcus
    • Sarah Meadows
    • Scott Moore
    • Shani Harris-Bagwell
    • Shir Grisanti
    • Sika Stanton
    • Stephanie Adams-Santos
    • Stephanie Gilliland
    • Sumi Wu
    • Tabitha Nikolai
    • Thomas Cirillo
    • Toni Tabora-Roberts
    • V Maldonado
    • Vu Pham
    • Yassi Irajpanah
    • Zarina Punja
    • Zoe Gieringer

    Public Art Panelists and Volunteers

    • Portland Building Renovation Panel:
    • Yoonhee Choi
    • Nan Curtis
    • Ivy Dunlap
    • Grace Kook-Anderson
    • Michelle Ladd
    • Linda McGeady
    • Michael Reed
    • Carla Weinheimer
    • Parks Bond Panel:
    • Gary Datka
    • Brian Flores
    • Wendy Given
    • Arlene Kimura
    • Kurt Lango
    • Chelsea McCann
    • Azad Sadjadi
    • 10th & Yamhill Parking Garage Panel: (project on hold)
    • Chris Armes
    • Patricia Gardner
    • Damien Gilley
    • Garrick Imatani
    • Amy Nagy
    • Wendy Red Star
    • Edward Running
    • Richard Singer
    • Vanessa Sturgeon
    • Fresh Paint 2018 – 2020 Panel:
    • Alex Chiu
    • Rob Lewis
    • Molly Mendoza
    • Night Lights Panel:
    • Yaelle Amir
    • Dominic Amorin
    • Ezekiel Brown
    • Carlee Smith
    • Sarah Turner
    • City of Portland Archives & Records Center Artist-in-Residence Panel:
    • Luann Algoso
    • Diana Banning
    • Pollyanne F. Birge
    • Amisa Chui
    • Mary Hansen
    • Garrick Imatani
    • Humboldt Neighborhood Artist-in-Residence Panel:
    • Isa Dean
    • Anne Greenwood
    • Sandy Sampson
    • Donovan Smith
    • Clifford Walker
    • Tyler White
    • Multnomah County Central Courthouse Panel:
    • Cheryl Albrecht
    • Christine Bourdette
    • Nathan Orosco
    • Emily Seltzer
    • Steve Simpson
    • Rebecca Staven
    • Sharita Towne
    • David Wark
    • Public Art Murals Committee:
    • Bridgid Blackburn
    • Mehran “Eatcho” Heard
    • Candace Kita
    • Jason Powers
    • Tomás Alfredo Valladares
    • Public Art Committee:
    • Jiseon Lee Isbara
    • Matthew Juniper
    • Candace Kita
    • Mack McFarland
    • Linda McGeady
    • Zari Santner
    • Multnomah County Health Headquarters Panel:
    • Maria Lisa Johnson
    • Jody Cavalier
    • Som Sudedi
    • Jennifer Moore
    • Matthew Juniper
    • Brett Taute (non-voting)

      Arts Education Committee

      • Arts Education Committee FY19:
      • Debra Glaze (chair)
      • Kregg Arntson
      • Kristen Brayson
      • Maria Caballero-Rubio
      • Lew Frederick
      • Nike Greene
      • Chisao Hata
      • Leslie Heilbrunn
      • Dennis Hickey
      • Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas
      • Jan Robertson
      • Carol R. Smith
      • Joel Stuart
      • Arts Education Committee FY20:
      • Katherine Durham (co-chair)
      • Debra Glaze (co-chair)
      • Kregg Arntson
      • Kristin Asai
      • Kristen Brayson
      • Nike Greene
      • Jessica Lagunas
      • Alyssa Linares
      • Michael Lopes-Serrao
      • Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas
      • Audrea Neville
      • Mick Rose
      • Ricardo Ruiz

          The Right Brain Initiative Committees

          • Right Brain Operating Committee FY19:
          • Khaliyah Williams-Rodriguez (co-chair)
          • Julie Evans (co-chair)
          • Tara Debois
          • Carolyn Hazel Drake
          • Lori Luna
          • Sam Maranto
          • Arcema Tovar
          • Tim Werner
          • Right Brain Operating Committee FY20:
          • Khaliyah Williams-Rodriguez (co-chair)
          • Sinead Kimbrell (co-chair)
          • Carolyn Hazel Drake
          • John Koch
          • Ed Krankowski
          • Lori Luna
          • Sam Maranto
          • Alano Ciliberto
          • Tim Werner
          • Right Brain Governing Committee FY19:
          • Kristin Asai
          • Kristen Brayson
          • Verlea Briggs
          • Chris Celauro
          • Katherine Durham
          • Julie Evans
          • Tom Hughes
          • Karen Kervin
          • Bruce Livingston
          • Audrea Neville
          • Frances Portillo
          • Sarah Prevost
          • SHIFT Event Committee:
          • Rebecca Burrell
          • Erin Cry
          • Phoebe Ebright
          • Kristen Engfors-Boess
          • Sara Farrokhzadian
          • Scott Kueny
          • Quinn MacNichol
          • Ella Marra-Ketelaar
          • Vince McGee
          • Katherine Phillips
          • Sara Prevost
          • Chad Seegmiller
          • Marna Stalcup
          • Megan Zimmer

          Right Brain Donors

          Arts Impact Fund Donors

          Memberships and Affiliations

          • Americans for the Arts
          • ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development)
          • City Club of Portland
          • Clackamas County Arts Alliance
          • Cultural Advocacy Coalition
          • East Portland Chamber of Commerce
          • Grantmakers in the Arts
          • Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington
          • Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
          • Nonprofit Association of Oregon
          • Oregon Native American Chamber
          • Partners in Diversity
          • Portland Business Alliance
          • Portland Human Resources Management Association
          • Society for Human Resource Management
          • The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts/Partners in Education and Any Given Child
          • Travel Portland
          • Tualatin Valley Creates Affiliate
          • Willamette Valley Development Officers
          • Cascade Employers Association 

          We also wish to thank…

          • Intisar Abioto
          • Shauna Adams
          • Bruce Poinsette 
          • Roya Amirsoleymani
          • Celeste Noche
          • Paul Susi
          • Valerie Adell
          • Roshani Thakore
          • Maya Vivas
          • V. Maldonado
          • Subashini Ganesan
          • Canopy Hotel
          • Davis Wright Tremaine LLP: Anne Barragar and Gregory Chaimov
          • Gary McGee & Co.: Gary McGee and Yee Lee McGee
          • King School Museum of Contemporary Art
          • Thomas Lauderdale and Hunter Noack
          • Louiza
          • Misty Marquam, Marquam Auction Agency
          • New Expressive Works
          • Northwest Investment Counselors: Mark Scarlett, Alex Dolle and Michelle Garcia
          • Poison Waters
          • Portland Center Stage at the Armory
          • Portland Institute of Contemporary Art
          • Portland Opera
          • Portland State University’s Native American Student and Community Center
          • Serilda Summers-McGee
          • George Thorn
          • Unite Oregon
          • David Wynde


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