Many of our readers may recall being part of the Portland metro area’s first cultural planning process, Arts Plan 2000, which led to the creation of the Regional Arts & Culture Council in 1995. Even in those early years, with a modest budget of $3 million, RACC’s grantmaking programs, public art projects, and technical assistance services played an important role in supporting the artists and creatives who helped forge our region’s identity as a center for creativity and innovation.

Since then, the tri-county population has grown by nearly half a million, and RACC’s programs and services have expanded as well. Thousands have participated in our workplace giving campaigns, which debuted in 2006, raising over $8.5 million to support our region’s nonprofit arts and culture organizations. In 2012, 62% of Portland voters approved the Arts Education & Access Income Tax, which now generates more than $7 million every year for grade schools to hire art and music teachers, and more than $3 million annually for RACC to expand people’s access to culture and the arts through grants. Nearly 30,000 K-8 students currently participate in RACC’s arts integration program, The Right Brain Initiative, and are scoring better on reading, math, and English tests than when we first began in 2008.

Each and every one of us at RACC is dedicated to celebrating and supporting the essential role of artists, arts organizations, and arts educators in our community, and we are working to ensure that every resident has access to culture and creative expression. We are bringing new voices to the table and expanding our commitment to historically underrepresented communities, with new programs like Fresh Paint, Art and Power, and our Capacity Building Initiative for culturally specific organizations. There is still much to do, including the need to unlock more resources for this important work, but we are well positioned to reach new heights with the arrival of our new Executive Director, Madison Cario, in January 2019.

As we prepare for a year of tremendous excitement and bold visioning under new leadership, we are grateful to all who have built RACC’s strong foundation and contributed to many noteworthy accomplishments in 2018. We hope you’ll take a few moments to reflect on these accomplishments in the form of this annual report, and for those who are eager to help us write the next chapter, we welcome your wisdom and your wishes, your questions and your concerns going forward. Please give us a call at 503-823-5258 or email us at thefuture@racc.org anytime.

From all of us at the Regional Arts & Culture Council, thank you for a remarkable 2018 and best wishes for a bright and bountiful New Year.


With gratitude,

Jeff Hawthorne, Interim Executive Director
Linda McGeady, Board Chair





About Racc

Our Vision:

An environment where arts and culture flourish and prosper.

Our Mission:

To enrich our communities through arts and culture.

Our Values:

  • We value freedom of artistic and cultural expression as a
    fundamental human right.
  • We value a diversity of artistic and cultural experiences.
  • We value a community in which everyone can participate in arts and culture.
  • We value a community that celebrates and supports its artists, and its arts and cultural organizations.
  • We value arts and culture as key elements in creating desirable places to live, work and visit.


Weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Portland and I was, once again, reminded of the rich diversity, wild talent, innovative spirit and intellectual prowess that thrives across the region. I got to spend some time with the talented team at RACC, I found a place to live and I began my journey of experiencing the Portland arts and culture scene. From getting lost in Powell’s Books to enjoying the shenanigans at the Rose City Rollers’ fundraiser and Portland Center Stage’s Twist Your Dickens, from walks along the beautiful post-industrial riverfront waiting for the Christmas Ships Parade to wandering the Central Eastside with Travel Portland’s mural map clutched tightly in hand; I could feel the energy, the connectivity, the magic and the potential.

It’s been a whirlwind month for me, for my team here in Atlanta and for everyone at RACC. Straddling two time zones, I’m moving at a furious pace, closing chapters and saying bittersweet goodbyes in Atlanta while sketching plans, making visits, and dreaming big in and about Portland.

For me this is more than just a job or the next step in my career — it’s a chance to serve. I’m ready to dive in and strengthen the future of arts, culture, and creativity in our entire region. For me, there is no greater honor than to serve working artists and makers on a daily basis, to help broaden their reach and celebrate and sustain their impact.

My hope for the future is to see the Greater Portland region become the place where even more people are invited in to creativity and culture, and where newbie makers, experienced artists, technology specialists, and creative thinkers work together to build infrastructure and create connections across and among communities. To that end, I plan on spending my first 100 days as RACC’s Executive Director meeting with artists, creatives, and community members. Hopes and dreams don’t just manifest on their own we have to meaningfully engage with the community for them to come to fruition, and I can’t wait to listen, learn, and dream big with all of you. If you have suggestions, please send them to thefuture@racc.org, and let’s get started!

Madison Cario, incoming Executive Director


2018 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

Click on the revenue pie chart below to reveal more detail.


Public support $7,854,794 80.5%
Private sector contributions $1,159,158 11.9%
Earned income $739,400 7.6%
Total Revenue $9,753,352 100.0%

FY18 revenue includes $20,000 pass-through funds for Clackamas County Arts Action Alliance, and $144,634 pass-through funds for County Cultural Coalitions.

Advocacy $382,128 3.8%
Grants & PD Programs* $5,337,552 53.4%
Public Art $1,445,444 14.5%
Community Services $467,813 4.7%
Arts Education $1,190,847 11.9%
Fundraising $203,396 2.0%
Management & General $971,226 9.7%
Total expenses $9,998,406 100.0%
Increase in Net Assets ($245,054)
Net assets at beginning of year $2,478,083
Net assets at end of year $2,233,029

* Includes $234,890 WFA Donor Designated funds to Arts Organizations, and pass-through funds to Clackamas County Arts Alliance, and the Cultural Coalitions of Washington and Multnomah Counties

Highlights: Year In Review

Authentic relationships are central to ensuring our arts and culture reflect the diversity of those who create, enjoy, support, challenge, and reimagine art. We strive to foster authentic connections and improve our services to create equitable access to RACC’s programs and resources.

In 2017, RACC launched its new community engagement plan prioritizing authentic engagement and building partnerships with historically underserved communities. This plan set the stage for a number of new ways to intentionally include and uplift artists from historically underserved communities.

Our Art & Power conversation series debuted in 2018, centering the experiences of artists from historically underserved communities, touching on topics including cultural appropriation, code-switching, and activism. In its pilot year, the series featured 15 artists of color in 5 different forums. Also for the first time, we partnered with the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber (HMC) and UNA Gallery for “Latinidades” – an art show and exhibit at the HMC downtown office. Curated by UNA Gallery, the exhibit opened in August 2018 featuring 11 Latinx artists throughout the Portland Metro region, and opened to a warm welcome by community members and artists alike.

Art & Power Speakers and Moderators

  • Anna Vo
  • Demian DinéYazhi´
  • Jenny Chu
  • Pepe Moscoso
  • Melanie Stevens
  • Roshani Thakore
  • Bobby Fouther
  • Leo Ariel Abbott
  • Sadé Beasley
  • Helday de la Cruz
  • Donovan Smith
  • Tazha Williams
  • Anthony Hudson
  • Jacqueline Keeler
  • Rose High Bear
  • Shyla Spicer

Art Spark, RACC’s quarterly networking event to celebrate Portland’s creative community and exchange resources, continued in 2018 with over 500 people in attendance. This past year we featured 17 community organizations and 21 artists, most of them artists of color and culturally-specific organizations, and focused on topics including art space affordability, elevating artists of color, youth mentorship, and the barriers and best practices for artists responding to open calls.

Art Spark Speakers and Artists

  • Subashini Ganesan
  • Janessa Narciso of Deep Underground (DUG)
  • Kunu Bearchum
  • Carlos Chavez
  • Annika Hansteen Izora
  • VNPRT (Vincent Magee)
  • Renee Lopez
  • Becky Nguyen
  • Sarah Brahim
  • May Cat
  • Leila Haile and Maya Vivas of Ori Gallery
  • Mercedes Orozco of UNA
  • Leah Kohlenberg of Open Studios



The arts enrich our lives, spark creativity, and build connections in communities, and we envision a region where every individual can easily support the artists and arts organizations they value.

In 2017-18, RACC raised $660,263 for arts and culture organizations through Work for Art, its annual workplace giving campaign. More than 1,300 donors contributed to the campaign from workplaces across the Portland/Vancouver metro region.  Proceeds are distributed as grants and donor-directed gifts, benefitting more than 130 arts and culture organizations annually. Portland General Electric was the top Campaign for the seventh year in a row. The Standard, NW Natural, State of Oregon, ZGF Architects, OHSU, City of Portland, Multnomah County, Perkins & Co, and individual giving rounded out the top 10 campaigns. We brought local artists receiving funds from Work for Art with us to campaign events to showcase their work in the community, including members of Echo Theater Company’s Zig Zags youth ensemble, electric celloist and teaching artist Gideon Freudmann, and the traditional Ghanaian dance and music group Okropong from The Obo Addy Legacy Project.

Supporting Companies, Governments, and Organizations

  • **denotes partners in workplace giving
  • Bora Architects**
  • Broadway Rose Theatre Company**
  • Bullivant Houser Bailey**
  • Cambia Health Solutions**
  • Captain’s Moorage on Bridgetown
  • Children’s Healing Art Project**
  • City of Lake Oswego**
  • City of Portland**
  • Clackamas County
  • Clutch Motors
  • Columbia River Marine Assistance
  • Davis Wright Tremaine**
  • First Interstate Bank**
  • Fred Meyer Community Rewards
  • Hampton Lumber**
  • Holst Architecture**
  • Indigo Shadows
  • KeyBank**
  • Lane Powell**
  • Left Coast Canopy
  • The LifeBalance Program
  • Mahlum Architects**
  • McDonald Jacobs**
  • Metro**
  • Moda Health**
  • Modernist Financial**
  • Morph, Inc.
  • Multnomah County**
  • Nike**
  • NW Natural**
  • Oregon Ballet Theatre**
  • Oregon Children’s Theatre**
  • Pacific University**
  • Perkins & Co**
  • Phoenix Fire Protection
  • Pop Art**
  • Port of Portland**
  • Portland Opera**
  • Portland Art Museum/NW Film Center**
  • Portland General Electric**
  • Portland Public Schools**
  • PosterGarden
  • Proper Pint Taproom
  • Reef & Rainforest
  • Regional Arts & Culture Council Staff and Board**
  • SERA Architects**
  • State of Oregon Agencies & Universities**
  • Stoel Rives**
  • The Portland Ballet**
  • The Portland Clinic**
  • Potentials Yoga Studio
  • The Standard**
  • Swirlpoint Quantitative
  • Therapeutic Associates
  • Tonkon Torp**
  • TriMet**
  • Turtledove Clemens**
  • Umpqua Bank**
  • Washington County**
  • Wisdom Workforce Development
  • XIII Design
  • Xiologix
  • Young Audiences of Oregon**
  • ZGF Architects**

Artists in the Workplace

  • Alessandro Angelini
  • Israel Annoh
  • Charles Armah
  • Dan Balmer
  • Alyssa Beers
  • Ron Blessinger
  • Beau Brousseau
  • Christopher Brown
  • Dennis Caiazza
  • Wendy Cohen
  • Jasmine Cottrell
  • Erika Crawford
  • Christopher Creath
  • Marilyn de Oliveria
  • Louis DeMartino
  • Greg Ewer
  • Zoe Fanning
  • Mehdi Farjami
  • Uri Frazier
  • Gideon Freudmann
  • Summer Gaines
  • Mathias Galley
  • Greg Goebel
  • Morgan Goldberg
  • Bernardo Gomez
  • Brian Healey
  • Nat Hulskamp
  • Kaician Kitko
  • Mei Li
  • Caton Lyles
  • Reece Marshburn
  • Christine Martell
  • Bernard McKenna
  • Mark Mullaney
  • Boinoir Nartey, Jr.
  • John Nastos
  • Charles Noble
  • Alley Pezanoski-Browne
  • Nico Ransdell
  • Matt Schlosky
  • Eloise Smith
  • Jack StockLynn (Sir Cupcake)
  • Dylan Sundstrom
  • Lisa Sundstrom
  • Okuley Tetteh
  • Marianna Thielen
  • Robert Villegas
  • Art Viloria
  • Aaron Wheeler-Kay

Workplace Giving Partners, Champions, and Campaign Coordinators

  • Judy Anderson
  • Bob Applegate
  • Kregg Arntson
  • Elizabeth Barrow
  • Carissa Barry
  • Ric Battaglia
  • Chuck Baumann
  • Alan Bell
  • Koren Benish
  • Stephie Billinger
  • Pollyanne Birge
  • Karen Blauer
  • Taylor Blythe
  • Rachel Brand
  • Celeste Brannon
  • Linda Brown
  • Megan Brown
  • Stefanie Burke
  • Terri Burton
  • Zac Cartwright
  • James Chartrey
  • Kurt Chiusolo
  • Chardonnay Cintron
  • Cary Clarke
  • Terry Clelen
  • Mike Cooper
  • Steve Cox
  • Lisa de Melogue
  • Kandra Duval
  • Ticia Evans
  • Tracy Evans
  • Catherine Fields
  • Geri Geo
  • Debbie Hall
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Catherine Hayes
  • Liana Haywood
  • Sarika Herigstad
  • Richelle Hiers
  • Gail Hoddevik
  • Margie Humphreys
  • Paul Jacobs
  • Liliya Jones
  • Ashley Keegan
  • Kate Kilbourne
  • Brett Kimball
  • Huck Koester
  • Ashmeeta Kumar
  • Matthew Kwiatkowski
  • Aeri Lee
  • Georgia Lee Hussey
  • Jay LeVitre
  • Beth Levy
  • Maria Linman
  • Ariana Lohf
  • Kristie LoPresti
  • Judy Lynn
  • Tami Mahrt
  • Barbara Marineau
  • Eric Martin
  • Jennifer Matsumura
  • Ondra Matthews
  • Tim McMahan
  • Jenifer McWade
  • Sharon Meross
  • Ronnie Meyers
  • Taaj Middleton
  • David Mitchell
  • Mary Moerlins
  • Jennifer Nelson
  • David Nijhawan
  • Carol O’Connell
  • Crystal Oliver
  • Yashica Palshikar
  • Sarah Panetta
  • Debby Patten
  • Tom Paul
  • Sarah Payton
  • Mike Peden
  • Ellie Petri
  • Darvin Pierce
  • Kristin Rasmussen
  • Stephanie Redman
  • Valerie Reuss
  • Jan Robertson
  • Darbie Romig
  • Robin Rudiger
  • Dorothy Sampson
  • Lauren Sanchez
  • Lizet Santos
  • Emily Scharringhausen
  • Robyn Shuey
  • Sam Sondag
  • Dominique Sparks
  • Bob Speltz
  • Aura Spivey
  • Janet Storm
  • Karis Stoudamire-Phillips
  • Sierra Stringfield
  • Von Summers
  • Marie Swanberg
  • Tara Takano
  • Bailey Thomas
  • Lindsay Trapp
  • Brandy Trotter
  • Nancy Van Dyke
  • Kelli Vesper
  • Jennifer Warren
  • Sarah Weber
  • Michelle Weisenbach
  • Whitney Welsh
  • Desiree Williams
  • Patty Wu
  • Shari Young

The end of our 2017-18 campaign also marked the end of matching funds from the City of Portland, as well as the retirement of our Work for Art brand. After months of reimagining what holistic arts advocacy and support could look like, we unveiled the Arts Impact Fund to continue advocating for the arts and culture sector inside workplaces, build deep partnerships, and lift up the artists and arts organizations we fund.



Public art should reflect the diversity of our communities and the incredible variety of artistic media produced by it. It is our duty to advocate for artists and care for the public collections that represent them. Along the way, we’re dedicated to creating opportunities for artists to advance their work, to making that work accessible, and encouraging conversations about the role of art and artists in our communities.

In 2018, Gateway, Spring Garden and Ventura Parks, all neighborhoods that did not previously have any public art projects, saw new public art sculptures go up. We are in the thick of commissioning and purchasing artworks for three major public buildings: the Multnomah County Health Department, the Portland Building, and the new Multnomah County Courthouse, processes that will continue into 2019 and beyond. Artist Refik Anadol was selected to create Portland’s first large scale, architecturally integrated media artwork for the Portland Building.

Night Lights continued into its fourth season with artists projecting multimedia works outside onto RACC’s building on First Thursdays during the fall and winter months. Two significant artist residencies are also underway, one with the Humboldt Neighborhood and another with the City of Portland Archives. Both are focused on aspects of the Black Diaspora of Portland.

Within the world of murals, we commissioned 7 murals and entered the second season of our Fresh Paint emerging artists program in collaboration with Open Signal. When it comes to maintaining and rotating artworks in our collection, we rotated 1165 portable artworks throughout 40 City and County buildings, and performed maintenance on 181 pieces.

Artist Purchases & Commissions in 2018

  • Night Lights Artists
  • Stephanie Adams-Santos
  • Roesing Apes
  • Julia Calabrese
  • Amy Chiao
  • Chloe Cooper
  • Roland Dahwen
  • Megan McKissack
  • Laura Medina
  • Kelly Rauer
  • Beth Whelan
  • Mural Artists
  • *denotes Fresh Paint artists
  • Alex Chiu*
  • Robin Corbo
  • Damien Dawahare & Andrea de la Vega*
  • David Flores
  • Limei Lai*
  • Rob Lewis*
  • Eric Mpwo*
  • Maria Rodriguez, Bizar Gomez & Anke Gladnick*
  • Hayden Senter
  • Rather Severe
  • Artists under Commission
  • Refik Anadol – Portland Building Renovation
  • Lynn Basa – Multnomah County Central Courthouse
  • Lisa Bates & Sharita Towne – Humboldt Neighborhood Association Artist-in-Residence
  • Tyler Fuqua – Lynchview Park
  • Cleo Davis & Kayin Talton Davis – Williams Avenue Honoring History
  • Mehran Heard – Alberta Commons
  • Tyler Fuqua – Lynchview Park
  • Adam Kuby – Mount Tabor
  • Horatio Law – Gateway Discovery Park
  • Rob Lewis – Multnomah County Central Courthouse
  • Ralph Pugay – Multnomah County Central Courthouse
  • Francesco Simeti – Multnomah County Health Department Headquarters
  • Preston Singletary with David Franklin
  • Arvie Smith – Alberta Commons
  • Barbara Earl Thomas – Multnomah County Central Courthouse
  • Hannes Wingate – Spring Garden Park
  • Additional Consultants or Professional Services
  • Cascadia Art Conservation Center
  • Art & Design works



The arts are critical to student learning, and we envision a community that ensures a rich education in and through the arts for every K-12 student in our region.

RACC’s arts integration program, the Right Brain Initiative, served 29,630 students and 1,754 educators in eight school districts across the tri-county region—Corbett, Gresham-Barlow, Hillsboro, North Clackamas, Oregon Trail, Parkrose, Portland Public, and Reynolds.

2017-18 Right Brain Schools (online map)

In September, Right Brain held its second annual fundraising event, SHIFT: An experiment in fashion design to much energy and success. A big thanks to our presenting sponsor The Standard and other key supporters for helping us raise almost $48,000.

2018 SHIFT Committee Members

RACC’s arts education program offers year-round professional development to build skills of classroom teachers, art teachers, arts organization educations, and teaching artists. This year we also held our biennial arts education summer symposium and spring colloquium to further build skills and networks for those working with students.


RACC also supports the 72 art, music, and dance teachers funded by the Arts Tax that ensures arts instruction in every Portland elementary school and reaches 38,500 students. We meet annually with superintendents of arts tax funded school districts and, throughout the year, work with district administrators and arts specialists to ensure that the arts are part of every K-12 student’s education. Among the programs that RACC coordinated for higher grade levels, RACC served as the fiscal sponsor for Willesden Read, a story of the Holocaust that teaches the importance of standing up against bigotry and hatred, and fostered an appreciation of the transformative power of music. This collaborative project culminated in a free, live performance of The Children of Willesden Lane by Mona Golabek at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall for 3,000 students in grades 6-12.


Meaningful support for arts and culture means funding, skills-building, and resources that build capacity for artists, arts organizations, and artistic projects. Through this range of support, we also work to enable community access to arts, culture, and creativity in the region.

For the 2017-18 fiscal year, we awarded $3.9 million to artists and nonprofit organizations in the Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties. This translated to 334 grants to 162 organizations and 158 individual artists through our Professional Development, Project, General Operating Support, and Fellowship grant programs. Additionally, thanks to a special disbursement of the Arts Education and Access Funds dollars, we distributed a one-time allocation of $3.3 million to RACC’s Project Grant, Equity Investments, and Capacity Building programs and General Operating Support partner organizations in August 2018.

Grants Awarded to Artists, Arts Organizations, and Artistic Projects

The grants team also coordinated a variety of other programs to support artists and organizations, including professional development artist workshops, the Art of the Leadership board development program, and the Cultural Leadership Program.




We want to thank all the individuals and organizations who contributed to RACC’s success and helped us expand our work and impact in 2018:

RACC’s Board of Directors

  • Board of Directors:
  • Linda McGeady, Chair
  • Osvaldo ‘Ozzie’ Gonzalez, Vice-Chair
  • Eileen L. Day, Treasurer
  • Angela Hult, Secretary
  • Raymond C. Cheung
  • Eve Connell
  • Katherine Durham
  • Lew Frederick
  • Bob Geddes
  • Debbie Glaze
  • Mike Golub
  • Leslie Heilbrunn
  • Amy Kutzkey
  • Parker Lee
  • Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas
  • Frances Portillo
  • Eduardo Puelma
  • Alejandro Queral
  • Steve Rosenbaum
  • James Smith
  • Anita Yap

Resource Council

  • Alan Alexander III
  • Pam Baker
  • Jesse Beason
  • Verlea Briggs
  • Claudia Burnett
  • Jennifer Cies
  • Jay Clemens
  • George Forbes
  • Eric Friedenwald-Fishman
  • Gwyneth Gamble Booth
  • Kira Higgs
  • Phillip Hillaire
  • Eric Hormel
  • Susheela Jayapal
  • Karen Karbo
  • Mike Lindberg
  • Gary R. Maffei
  • Mary Maletis
  • Peg Malloy
  • Julie Mancini
  • Brenda Meltebeke
  • Josie Mendoza
  • Cate Millar
  • Max M. Miller Jr.
  • Randy J. Miller
  • Carole Morse
  • Bonita Oswald
  • Robert G. Packard
  • Dorothy Piacentini
  • Bettsy Preble
  • Joanna Priestley
  • Jan Robertson
  • Mary B. Ruble
  • Joan Eliot Sappington
  • Lina Garcia Seabold
  • Carol Smith
  • Yvonne Tengwall
  • Craig Thompson
  • Julie Vigeland
  • Clark Worth

Our government liaisons

  • Portland City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly
  • Pollyanne Faith Birge and Robin Mullins in Commissioner Eudaly’s Office
  • Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish
  • Asena Lawrence and Jamie Dunphy in Commissioner Fish’s Office
  • Susan Gibson-Hartnett and David Huff in the City of Portland Office of Management and Finance
  • Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury
  • Multnomah County Commissioner Lori Stegmann
  • Rebecca Stavenjord and Nathan Clark in Commissioner Stegmann’s Office
  • Clackamas County Commissioner Martha Shrader
  • Cheryl Snow, Clackamas County Arts Alliance
  • Washington County Commissioner Dick Schouten
  • Cindy Dauer, Tualatin Valley Creates
  • Michele McCall-Wallace, City of Hillsboro
  • Metro President Tom Hughes

State of the Arts Speakers

  • Myles de Bastion
  • Alex Chiu
  • Subashini Ganesan
  • Maya Vivas
  • Victor Maldonado
  • Michael Lopes

Grants Panelists

  • Al Torres
  • Alain LeTourneau
  • Alan Lytle
  • Alley Pezanoski-Browne
  • Amaya Alvarado
  • Amaya Santamaria
  • Amy Kuttab
  • Angela Hult
  • Anina Bennett
  • Anthony Hudson
  • Arianna Avena
  • Ariella Tai
  • Ashleigh Flynn
  • Beth Lewis
  • Bianca McCarthy
  • Brenna McDonald
  • Brian Lord
  • Cameron Wolf
  • Carlos Chavez
  • Chris Fuzell
  • Chris Freeman
  • Christopher Luna
  • Christy George
  • Cindy Dauer
  • Crystal Cortez
  • Douglas Detrick
  • Emilly Prado
  • Emily Running
  • Emily Wobb
  • Eve Johnstone
  • Hilary Galian
  • Hong Chou
  • Jacob Cofer
  • Jake Vermaas
  • Jeremy Davis
  • Jesse Beason
  • Jessica Lagunas
  • Jessica Reynolds
  • Jessica Latham
  • Jingzi Zhao
  • Joe Kye
  • John Whitten
  • Justin Hocking
  • Katherine FitzGibbon
  • Katie Watkins
  • Kavin Buck
  • Kawana Clayton
  • Kirsten Collins
  • Lauren Hanover
  • Lenore Eklund
  • Lily Burnett
  • Liza Jensen
  • Maggie Allen
  • Maria Garcia
  • Mario Gallucci
  • Mark Takiguchi
  • Matthew Miller
  • Melanie Flood
  • Melanie Stevens
  • Merridawn Duckler
  • Mia Ferm
  • Michael Galen
  • Michele McCall-Wallace
  • Mindi Logan
  • Mo Daviau
  • Mo Phillips
  • Molly King
  • Neil Aitken
  • Orit Ofri
  • Paul Maziar
  • Pollyanne Birge
  • Raina Imig
  • Renee Muzquiz
  • Richard Jung
  • Roberta Woods
  • Saidah Wilson
  • Sam Gaty
  • Samuel Lora
  • Sarah Brahim
  • Sean Andries
  • Sean Doran
  • Shalanda Sims
  • Shaun Keylock
  • Soo Pak
  • Tammy Wilson
  • Taylor Eggan
  • Tom Cirillo
  • Toni Tabora-Roberts
  • Ty Ennis
  • Victor Maldonado
  • William Hernandez
  • Wynee Hu
  • Wynn Kiyama
  • Yasmin Ruvalcaba
  • Yer Vue
  • Yukiyo Kawano
  • Zach Schultz
  • Zemula Barr
  • Zoe Gieringer

Public Art Panelists and Volunteers

  • Alberta Commons Panel:
  • Alem Grebehiwot
  • Elijah Hasan
  • Susan Kuhn
  • Diana Moosman
  • Hilary Pfeifer
  • Rick Tiland
  • John Washington
  • Portland Building Renovation Panel:
  • Yoonhee Choi
  • Nan Curtis
  • Grace Kook-Anderson
  • Linda McGeady
  • Michael Reed
  • Dawn Uchiyama
  • Carla Weinheimer
  • Kristin Wells
  • Parks Bond Panel:
  • Gary Datka
  • Brian Flores
  • Wendy Given
  • Arlene Kimura
  • Kurt Lango
  • Christopher Masciocchi
  • Chelsea McCann
  • Azad Sadjadi
  • 10th & Yamhill Parking Garage Panel:
  • Chris Armes
  • Patricia Gardner
  • Damien Gilley
  • Garrick Imatani
  • Amy Nagy
  • Wendy Red Star
  • Edward Running
  • Richard Singer
  • Vanessa Sturgeon
  • Fresh Paint 2018 – 2020 Panel:
  • Alex Chiu
  • Rob Lewis
  • Molly Mendoza
  • Spring Garden Park Panel:
  • David Boekelheide
  • Nan Curtis
  • Lori Howell
  • Horatio Law
  • Travis Ruybal
  • Night Lights Panel:
  • Yaelle Amir
  • Dominic Amorin
  • Ezekiel Brown
  • Carlee Smith
  • Sarah Turner
  • City of Portland Archives & Records Center Artist-in-Residence Panel:
  • Luann Algoso
  • Diana Banning
  • Pollyanne F. Birge
  • Amisa Chui
  • Mary Hansen
  • Garrick Imatani
  • Humboldt Neighborhood Artist-in-Residence Panel:
  • Isa Dean
  • Anne Greenwood
  • Sandy Sampson
  • Donovan Smith
  • Clifford Walker
  • Tyler White
  • Multnomah County Central Courthouse Panel:
  • Cheryl Albrecht
  • Christine Bourdette
  • Nathan Orosco
  • Emily Seltzer
  • Steve Simpson
  • Rebecca Staven
  • Sharita Towne
  • David Wark
  • Public Art Murals Committee:
  • Bridgid Blackburn
  • Liz Fouther-Branch
  • Mehran “Eatcho” Heard
  • Jason Powers
  • Wendy Red Star
  • Tomas Alfredo Valladares
  • Public Art Committee:
  • Jiseon Lee Isbara
  • Matthew Juniper
  • Candace Kita
  • Julie Livingston
  • Mack McFarland
  • Linda McGeady
  • Joanna Priestley
  • Wendy Red Star
  • Zari Santner
  • Multnomah County Health Headquarters Panel (McCoy Portrait):
  • Maria Lisa Johnson
  • Charlene McGee-Kollie
  • Brett Taute (non-voting)
  • Martha Swanson
  • Renee Zangara

Arts Education Committee

  • Kregg Arntson
  • Kristen Brayson
  • Maria Caballero-Rubio
  • Debra Glaze
  • Lew Frederick
  • Nike Greene
  • Chisao Hata
  • Leslie Heibrum
  • Dennis Hickey
  • Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas
  • Jan Robertson
  • Carol R. Smith
  • Joel Stuart

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  • Peggy Kendellen
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  • Sharon Wynde

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