We knew that 2017 would be an interesting and challenging year for our community and our country. Historically, the essential role of arts and culture comes into sharper focus in turbulent times. Even so, the past twelve months have presented surprises and opportunities we did not anticipate.

The good news is, RACC has a solid history of providing technical assistance and funding for artists and nonprofit organizations across Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties—more than 5,000 grants totaling $44 million in the past two decades. RACC manages a widely-celebrated public art collection of more than 2,000 artworks for the City of Portland and Multnomah County; conducts a workplace giving campaign that has raised more than $8 million for local arts organizations; organizes networking events, forums and workshops; and integrates the arts into the curriculum of other subjects for K-8 students in the region, serving more than 27,000 students a year.

Eloise Damrosch, our Executive Director since 2004, led RACC through a period of tremendous growth, launching Work for Art, The Right Brain Initiative, and Act for Art—a creative action plan that ultimately led to Portland’s Arts Tax. Also during Eloise’s tenure RACC began to reassess the equitable delivery of its resources, and made great strides toward diversifying its board, its services and its investments. Eloise retired in June with great affection and fanfare, and we remain grateful for her indelible impact and imprint on the local arts community.

Also this past year, the Oregon Supreme Court affirmed the legality of the arts tax once and for all; RACC produced three fun and financially successful special events: Battle of the Bands, In the Garden of Artistic Delights, and SHIFT; and we published a comprehensive economic impact study with Americans for the Arts revealing that the tri-county nonprofit arts industry generates $330 million in annual economic activity and supports 11,505 full-time jobs in the region. 

Now we are looking forward to a bright and promising future as we rediscover and reevaluate RACC’s unique challenges and opportunities. The search for a new Executive Director continues and we hope to have a new leader on board in the spring. They will be jumping right in to help us tackle a range of important issues: the dearth of affordable space for artists and arts organizations; the ongoing need to strengthen public and private support of the arts in our community; and continued urgency in unlocking the full potential of emerging artists and culturally specific arts organizations that have been marginalized in the past. 

Local arts agencies like RACC have a critical role to play in the future of our communities and our nation, but funding for the arts remains precarious at the local, state and federal levels. As we continue building the most relevant and responsive arts organization possible, we appreciate your support. In our efforts to bring the vision and voice of artists to the fore, we are grateful to many collaborators who make this work possible—including passionate and engaged board members, a talented staff, elected officials, community partners, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donors who support the cause with cash and in-kind donations.

Thank you for being part of this vital organization and for helping us grow and evolve. As the world around us becomes increasingly fractious, we are resolute that the Regional Arts & Culture Council will support a better future by investing in the artists, educators and nonprofit organizations that imbue our neighborhoods, businesses and schools with more hopeful qualities of creativity, equity, innovation and inspiration. 

Mike Golub, Board Chair

Jeff Hawthorne, Interim Executive Director

Photo by Intisar Abioto






About Racc

Our vision:

An environment where arts and culture flourish and prosper.

Our mission:

To enrich our communities through arts and culture.

Our values:

  • We value freedom of artistic and cultural expression as a
    fundamental human right.
  • We value a diversity of artistic and cultural experiences.
  • We value a community in which everyone can participate in arts and culture.
  • We value a community that celebrates and supports its artists, and its arts and cultural organizations.
  • We value arts and culture as key elements in creating desirable places to live, work and visit.

Equity in Action

Everyone deserves access to culture and the arts. We are redoubling our efforts to ensure that RACC’s investments and opportunities reach everyone in the community, and changing systems and policies that have inhibited the equitable distribution of resources in the past. We are building relationships with communities of color, immigrants and refugees, people in underserved neighborhoods, low-income residents, and those with physical, mental and developmental disabilities to help us in this work.

To measure our progress and to hold ourselves accountable, RACC has developed benchmarks specifically involving racial equity. Our goal is to invest 30% of RACC’s resources in programs and opportunities that reach people of color and culturally-specific communities. We know that in order to achieve this goal we must fully understand our state’s history of systemic racism and the persistent disparities that exist in our community. We must also continue to diversify our staff and board, engage marginalized communities in our decision-making processes, and be bold in reshaping programs to better meet the needs and support the aspirations of everyone in our community.

How are we doing?

  • Today, 45% of the RACC board and 26% of the staff identify as people of color. They represent Native American, Asia Pacific Islander, African American, Hispanic and Latinx communities, among others. RACC is modifying its hiring practices, including strategies for recruitment, retention and promotion, in an effort to become more racially diverse.
  • In 2017, 35% of all panelists who made decisions about grant awards and public art commissions were people of color.
  • In the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2017, 28% of the individual artists served by RACC through grants, public art commissions, school-based opportunities and technical assistance programs identified as people of color.

These statistics indicate that there is still work to do, and RACC will continue to modify its programs and create new ones specifically designed to ensure that more resources are reaching people of color and other marginalized communities. Some proactive steps we took in 2017 include: 

  • Fresh Paint is a temporary murals program for emerging mural artists in partnership with Open Signal. 100% of the artists that participated in 2017 are people of color.
  • Art of Leadership, a program that trains board members for small and midsized arts organizations, is becoming more intentionally diverse, thanks in part to a scholarship grant fund provided by the Nike Asia-Pacific Employee Network. The 2017-18 class is the largest class ever, and 34% of participants identify as people of color.
  • As another way to expand the number of culturally specific arts organizations that we fund, RACC is piloting a capacity-building initiative with four groups—Instituto de Cultura y Arte In Xochitl In Cuicatl, Kukatonon Children’s African Dance Troupe, Passinart: A Theatre Company and Portland Taiko—and we plan to expand the program in 2018.  

For more information on RACC’s equity work, visit www.racc.org/equity.


RACC Leadership 

Meet RACC’s staff and board online at racc.org.

The RACC board is composed of 20 individuals with diverse experiences in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. They are talented professionals in the arts, as well as small business owners, CEOs, program directors, arts advocates, consultants and respected community leaders. Together these individuals bring a variety of skills to the board with expertise in finance, grant-making, nonprofit management, public relations, facilitation, business operations, fundraising and evaluation. 

Board of Directors

  • Mike Golub, Chair
  • Linda McGeady, Vice-Chair
  • Eileen L. Day, Treasurer
  • Steve Rosenbaum, Secretary
  • Raymond Cheung
  • Eve Connell
  • Katherine Durham
  • Lew Frederick
  • Debbie Glaze
  • Ozvaldo “Ozzie” Gonzalez
  • Leslie Heilbrunn
  • Angela Hult
  • Parker Lee
  • Anita Menon
  • Frances Portillo
  • Joanna Priestley
  • Eduardo Puelma
  • James Smith
  • Shyla Spicer
  • Anita Yap

Mike Golub is the chair of the RACC board through June 30, 2018. The Executive Committee includes vice chair Linda McGeady, secretary Steve Rosenbaum, treasurer Eileen Day, Equity Committee co-chair Frances Portillo, Grants Review Committee chair Ozzie Gonzalez, Leadership Development Committee chair Anita Menon, and members at large Parker Lee and Katherine Durham.

In 2017 we said farewell to our chair emeritus, Jan Robertson, along with five other invaluable board members: Verlea Briggs, Phillip Hillaire, Susheela Jayapal, Brenda Meltebeke and Mitchell Nieman. While these individuals no longer serve on the RACC board, many will stay engaged with RACC through our Resource Council—thank you!


  • Jeff Hawthorne, Interim Executive Director
  • Jack Burgess, Executive Assistant
  • Cynthia Knapp, Director of Operations
  • Jennifer Matsumura, Finance & HR Specialist
  • Carla Holmberg, Bookkeeper
  • Michele Graham, General Ledger Specialist
  • Ahmed Yusuf, Office Manager
  • Einar Sunde II, IT Manager
  • Johanna Kim, Project Coordinator
  • Alison Bailey, Business Partnership Manager
  • Chad Hadsell, Work for Art Donor Data & Technology Specialist
  • Windy Hovey, Work for Art Workplace Giving Coordinator
  • Matthew Carron, Work for Art Workplace Giving Coordinator
  • Sean Kirkpatrick, Work for Art Donor Data Clerk
  • Marna Stalcup, Director of Arts Education
  • Alisa McDonald, Education Specialist
  • Sinéad Kimbrell, The Right Brain Initiative Program Manager
  • Sarah Deal, The Right Brain Initiative Administrative Assistant
  • Sara Farrokhzadian, Associate Development Officer
  • Mary Bauer, Communications Associate
  • Eugenie Jolivett Fontana, Digital Communications Specialist
  • Humberto Márquez Mendez, Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Ella Marra-Ketelaar, Community Engagement Associate
  • Helen Daltoso, Director of Grants
  • Ingrid Carlson, Grants Officer
  • Jack MacNichol, Grants Associate
  • Yasmine Haldeman, Grants Program Assistant
  • Kristin Calhoun, Director of Public Art
  • Peggy Kendellen, Public Art Manager
  • Keith Lachowicz, Public Art Collections Manager
  • William Rihel, Public Art Program Specialist
  • Danielle Davis, Public Art Collections Registrar
  • Amanda Kronlage, Public Art Conservation Technician
  • Salvador Mayoral IV, Public Art Program Associate

The RACC staff is talented and diverse, with a strong commitment to community service and engagement. We are grateful for their skills and their passion! We’d also like to thank the employees who left RACC in 2017 but contributed volumes while they were with us, including Pricilla Cheung, Phoebe Ebright, Kate Fagerholm, Maya McFaddin and Tonisha Toler.

In June of 2017 we celebrated the accomplishments of our retiring executive director, Eloise Damrosch, with a multicultural block party and honoring ceremony (video here). Thank you, Eloise!


2017 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

Click on the revenue pie chart below to reveal more detail.


Public support $7,519,721 82.5%
Private sector contributions $902,902 9.9%
Earned income $691,057 7.6%
Total Revenue $9,113,680 100.0%

FY17 revenue includes $192,000 pass-through funds to the Oregon Symphony for their 2016 concert in Waterfront Park, $20,000 pass-through funds for Clackamas County Arts Action Alliance, and $129,074 pass-through funds for County Cultural Coalitions.

Advocacy $525,954 5.6%
Grants* $4,441,061 47.3%
Public Art $1,213,723 12.9%
Community Services** $843,434 9.0%
Arts Education $1,073,176 11.4%
Fundraising $127,688 1.4%
Management & General $1,161,602 12.4%
Total expenses $9,368,638 100.0%
Increase in Net Assets ($272,958)
Net assets at beginning of year $2,751,041
Net assets at end of year $2,478,083

* Includes $234,890 WFA Donor Designated funds to Arts Organizations
** Includes $339,074 pass-through funds to the Oregon Symphony, Multnomah County Cultural Coalition, Cultural Coalition of Washington County, and Clackamas County Arts Action Alliance

Accomplishments: Community Services

In Accomplishments

RACC is one of the leading providers of information and resources for local artists, arts administrators and arts educators. RACC also provides technical assistance programs that cultivate and connect new and emerging artists.

RACC’s Cultural Leadership Program, with renowned arts consultant George Thorn, helps staff and board leadership of arts organizations navigate transitions and opportunities. The program served 45 arts organizations in 2017.  

RACC’s board training program, Art of Leadership, served 23 people in 2016-17. The 2017-18 cohort began in October with a record-setting 63 participants. The growth stems from the program’s direction shift to not only target those who would like to one day serve on a board, but to exist as an educational outlet for those already serving on local non-profit arts boards or serving as staff with the same organizations. Long-time workshop leaders George Thorn and Toni Tabora-Roberts are once again leading the educational programming and delivery. Art of Leadership is presented by the Nike Asia-Pacific Employee Network, and supported by The Boeing Company and McDonald Jacobs.

RACC presented 12 professional development workshops for individual artists in 2017, serving more than 200 individuals and covering topics from bilingual grant writing (Spanish and English) to creative event production to a panel discussion for Portland’s music and hip-hop community.

More than 500 people attended Art Spark in 2017, a quarterly event programmed by RACC with the mission to connect local artists, organizations, and creators to exchange resources and hold space for the creative community. Art Spark was held at Holocene, Produce Row Cafe, and Toffee Club in SE Portland and Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in North Portland.

Accomplishments: Arts Education

In Accomplishments

The arts are critical to student learning, and we envision a community that ensures a rich education in and through the arts for every K-12 student in our region.

2017 kicked off the 10th year of The Right Brain Initiative, RACC’s arts integration program that has grown to serve 29,500 students and their teachers in eight school districts across the tri-county region—Corbett, Gresham-Barlow, Hillsboro, North Clackamas, Oregon Trail, Parkrose, Portland Public and Reynolds. 


Right Brain schools

  • Corbett School District:
  • Corbett Arts Program with Spanish
  • Corbett Elementary
  • Gresham-Barlow School District:
  • Deep Creek-Damascus School
  • East Gresham School
  • East Orient Elementary School
  • Hall Elementary School
  • Highland Elementary School
  • Hogan Cedars Elementary
  • Hollydale Elementary
  • Kelly Creek Elementary
  • North Gresham Elementary
  • Powell Valley Elementary
  • West Gresham Elementary
  • Hillsboro School District:
  • Butternut Creek Elementary
  • Eastwood Elementary
  • Evergreen Middle
  • Free Orchards Elementary
  • Groner K-8
  • W. L. Henry Elementary
  • Imlay Elementary
  • Indian Hills Elementary
  • Jackson Elementary
  • Lenox Elementary
  • Lincoln Street Elementary
  • Minter Bridge Elementary
  • North Plains Elementary
  • Orenco Elementary
  • J. W. Poynter Middle
  • Quatama Elementary
  • West Union Elementary
  • North Clackamas School District:
  • Ardenwald Elementary
  • Bilquist Elementary
  • Verne A. Duncan Elementary
  • Happy Valley Elementary
  • Linwood Elementary
  • Milwaukie/El Puente Elementary
  • Oregon Trail Elementary
  • Riverside Elementary
  • Scouters Mountain Elementary
  • Spring Mountain Elementary
  • Sunnyside Elementary
  • View Acres Elementary
  • Oregon Trail School District:
  • Kelso Elementary
  • Naas Elementary
  • Oregon Trail Primary Academy
  • Welches Elementary
  • Parkrose School District
  • Prescott Elementary
  • Portland Public Schools:
  • Abernethy Elementary
  • Beach Elementary
  • Boise-Eliot/Humboldt
  • Chief Joseph Elementary
  • Faubion PK-8
  • Hayhurst/Odyssey K-8
  • Maplewood Elementary
  • Markham Elementary
  • Martin Luther King PK-8
  • Meriwether Lewis Elementary
  • Metropolitan Learning Center
  • Ockley Green Middle
  • Rieke Elementary
  • Rigler Elementary
  • Roseway Heights
  • Sitton Elementary
  • Vernon Elementary
  • Vestal K-8
  • Whitman Elementary
  • Woodlawn PK-8
  • Reynolds School District:
  • Alder Elementary
  • Troutdale Elementary
  • Funded by Oregon Department of Education:
  • The Ivy School

In addition, RACC supports the 72 art, music and dance teachers funded by the Arts Tax that ensures arts instruction in every Portland elementary school and reaches 38,500 students. 

As part of RACC’s role in coordinating services for Arts Tax funded school districts, we hosted two full-day professional development workshops on culturally responsive teaching with breakout sessions specifically designed for both visual and performing arts teachers.  We also began collaborating with fellow arts organizations to assess the gaps in our collective arts education services as part of our continued effort to ensure access to arts learning for every K-12 student in the Portland metro region.

Other highlights of the year include:

Right Brain students delivered a presentation on the power of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) education at a National Endowment for the Arts meeting in Washington, D.C.

National Arts in Education Week was September 6-11, and RACC partnered with Americans for the Arts to convene an arts education policy discussion with local elected officials, school board members and other decision-makers. 

In September, RACC launched a one-of-a-kind special Right Brain fundraising event, SHIFT: An experiment in fashion design.  

Thanks to presenting sponsor Arlene Schnitzer and other key supporters including the Portland Trailblazers, WeMake, and Wieden+Kennedy, we met our $25,000 fundraising goal. Given the success of this first-year event, planning for SHIFT 2018 is well underway.  


Accomplishments: Advocacy & Development

In Accomplishments


RACC advocates for more public and private investments in the arts. Our most visible fundraising program is Work for Art, a workplace giving campaign that wrapped up its 2016-17 campaign year on June 30 with $826,018 in contributions and pledges.

Work for Art dollars are distributed as grants and donor-directed gifts to arts and culture organizations throughout the tri-county region. The 2016-17 campaign resulted in the second highest total since the program’s launch in 2006.

Portland General Electric held its reign as Work for Art’s Top Campaign for the sixth year in a row, with Kregg Arntson, PGE Foundation Executive Director, serving as the 2016-17 Campaign Chair. The Standard, NW Natural, Burgerville, the State of Oregon, ZGF Architects, OHSU, KeyBank, the City of Portland, and Hampton Lumber rounded out the top 10 campaigns.

Work for Art Participating Companies, Agencies, and Organizations

  • Bag & Baggage
  • Bora Architects
  • Broadway Rose Theatre Company
  • Bullivant Houser Bailey
  • Burgerville
  • Cambia Health
  • Captain’s Moorage on Bridgeton, LLC
  • Children’s Healing Art Project
  • City of Lake Oswego
  • City of Portland
  • Davis Wright Tremaine
  • Federal Workers
  • Friends of Chamber Music
  • Hampton Lumber
  • Imago Theatre
  • Intel
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • KeyBank
  • Lane Powell
  • McDonald Jacobs
  • Metro
  • Metropolitan Group
  • Metropolitan Youth Symphony
  • Moda Health
  • Modernist Financial
  • Multnomah County
  • Nike
  • Norris Beggs & Simpson Companies
  • NW Natural
  • OHSU
  • Oregon Ballet Theatre
  • Oregon Children’s Theatre
  • Perkins & Co
  • PICA
  • Pop Art
  • Port of Portland
  • Portland Art Museum/NW Film Center
  • Portland Center Stage
  • The Portland Clinic
  • Portland General Electric
  • Portland Opera
  • Portland Public Schools
  • RACC Board & Staff
  • SERA Architects
  • State of Oregon
  • Stoel Rives
  • The Standard
  • Therapeutic Associates
  • Third Angle New Music
  • Tonkon Torp
  • TriMet
  • Turtledove Clemens
  • Umpqua Bank
  • Up Your Creative Genius
  • Washington County
  • Xiologix
  • Young Audiences
  • ZGF Architects

In May, six employee bands from Work for Art partner companies competed at Battle of the Bands in front of 600 cheering attendees who packed the Crystal Ballroom. Top awards went to bands from Hampton Lumber, ZGF Architects and Stoel Rives. The event raised more than $30,000 for local arts and culture groups. The evening also included special performances by local bands The Brothers Jam; Strawberry Jam of Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls; and Greenhorn, the Portland Timbers Army band. Many individual champions also contributed to the event’s success, including: Event Co-Chairs Portland Commissioner Chloe Eudaly and Sharron van der Meulen, principal at ZGF Architects; Emcee Sarah G. of Alpha Media, Band Mentor Christopher Brown; and Celebrity Judges Valerie Day, Rindy Ross, and Edna Vazquez.

More than 70 artists joined Work for Art in workplaces throughout the Portland/Vancouver metro area, to highlight how their work cultivates creativity and enriches our communities. They included three local high school students with Oregon Children Theatre’s improv troupe; Alyssa Beers (aka DJ Nishkosheh) with S1 Portland; Jack StockLynn, performing artist and founder of Sir Cupcake’s Queer Circus; and many more. Work for Art reaches nearly 10,000 employees annually as part of their workplace giving campaigns.


Artists in the Workplace

  • Charley Adams
  • Ronnell Aguilera Marcos
  • Adlai Alexander
  • Bill Athens
  • Dan Balmer
  • Shawn Brannan
  • Beau Brousseau
  • Christopher Brown
  • Dennis Caiazza
  • Gerardo Calderon
  • Christopher Creath
  • Willow D’Arcy Harmer
  • Terra DeHart
  • Michael Doherty
  • Do Jump! (Curtis Carlyle, Robin Lane, Kailee Moran, Tony Palimino, Jack StockLynn, Rhys Thomas, and Tia Zapp Palimino)
  • Damian Erskine
  • Mehdi Farjami
  • Manavihare Fiaindratovo
  • Uri Frazier
  • Gideon Freudmann
  • Greg Goebel
  • Bernardo Gomez
  • Ruth Gourdine
  • Ward Griffiths
  • Brian Healey
  • Barna Howard
  • Sam Howard
  • Hula Hālau ‘Ohana Holo‘oko‘a (Lisa Chang, Stephanie Gough, and Karla Shaw)
  • Nat Hulskamp
  • Rob Iggulden
  • Imago Theatre (Kaician Kitko and Mark Mullaney)
  • Carlton Jackson
  • Justin L’Amie
  • Mei Li
  • Catón Lyles
  • Reece Marshburn (Moon Vine Music, LLC)
  • Christine Martell
  • Bernard McKenna
  • John Nastos
  • Oregon Ballet Theatre (Alessandro Angelini, Erika Crawford, Elizabeth Kanning, Daniel Salinas, and Lisa Sundstrom)
  • Oregon Children’s Theatre (Jessy Friedt, Nate Gardner, Emma Weightman, and Ellie Younger)
  • Eddie Parente
  • PHAME (Anne-Marie Plass)
  • S1 Portland (Alyssa Beers, aka DJ Nishkosheh)
  • Nelson Salazar
  • Matt Schlosky
  • David Shur
  • Andre St. James
  • Sir Cupcake’s Queer Circus (Morgan Goldberg and Jack StockLynn)
  • Dylan Sundstrom
  • Marianna Thielen
  • Third Angle New Music (Ron Blessinger, Marilyn de Oliveria, Louis DeMartino, Greg Ewer, and Charles Noble)
  • Art Viloria
  • Madison Weiss

In February, 350+ arts supporters and practitioners attended Juice, presented by Portland General Electric. Formerly known as the Arts Breakfast of Champions, RACC re-vamped the event as Juice to celebrate the creative “juice” that flows through businesses and the arts alike.

At the heart of Juice were three stories of giving, service, and collaboration. RACC presented the “Outstanding In-Kind Contribution” award to Miguel Alias of MEK Design; the “Extraordinary Service to the Arts” award to John Goodwin of the Portland Trail Blazers and Portland Art Museum Board Member; and the “Innovative Partnership” award to PSU and the Portland Opera. Juice honorees for top corporate arts philanthropy were: The Standard, Umpqua Bank, Portland General Electric, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, NW Natural, The Boeing Company, Morel Ink, KeyBank, and Stoel Rives.

In June, we published Arts & Economic Prosperity 5quantifying the economic impact of the local nonprofit arts community. One hundred and eighty three arts organizations in the tri-county area spent $214.4 million during fiscal year 2015, and leveraged $116 million in event-related spending by their audiences. The combined spending by both arts organizations and their audiences results in a total economic impact of $330.4 million – a 30% increase since the last study was published in 2012. This growing industry now supports 11,505 full-time jobs and returns more than $27 million in revenue to state and local coffers every year.

In July, RACC hosted its second summer soiree celebrating and benefiting individual artists. More than 300 guests joined us “In the Garden of Artistic Delights” and helped RACC raise more than $30,000 to support project grants, professional development grants, and other services in support of the region’s artists. Special thanks to the evening’s featured performers and artists, including The Christopher Brown Quartet, Children of Chaos, Meshi Chavez, Elaine Falbo, Fungully, Horatio Law, Joaquin Lopez, Roger Peet, Luciana Proana, Risk of Change, Sir Cupcakes Queer Circus and Kim Stafford. We’d also like to thank benefactor extraordinaire, Arlene Schnitzer, for underwriting the event.

Accomplishments: Public Art

In Accomplishments

Public Art Search

The skies of Portland are dotted with cranes. We are in a building boom! And as a result public art is also booming.

We are currently working on three major projects: the new Multnomah County Courthouse, the county’s Health Department Headquarters and the renovation of the Portland Building.

The following artworks were added to the City’s Public Art Collection in 2017: Lillian Pitt and Mikkel Hilde’s sculpture, River Guardian, on the South Waterfront Greenway standing as a tribute to the resilience and enduring presence of Native peoples; Cleo Davis and Kayin Talton-Davis’ layered Historic Black Williams Project, acknowledging the complex and changing history of Williams Avenue and honoring the role Portland’s black community has played in this history; Mauricio Robalino’s Bird, a large mosaic sculpture in the Parkrose neighborhood’s new park, Luuwit View Park; and Isaka Shamsud-Din’s Honey in the Bee-Ball, I Can’t See Y’all, a storytelling piece in Dawson Park. We also partnered with Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District and the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services on Undercurrent by Christine Conant and David Boekelheide that references the land formations and history along a section of the Fanno Creek Trail.

As construction sites continue to spring up around town, the expertise of RACC’s Public Art Collections team has been called upon repeatedly to remove outdoor sculpture on the site as construction commences, and then re-install it once the job is done. Most prominent among these projects this year was the removal and conservation of J. Seward Johnson’s Allow Me (a.k.a. “Umbrella Man”) during the six-month renovation of Pioneer Courthouse Square.

The three-year Portland Building renovation project has kept collections staff busy this summer and fall. The team removed 15 floors of public art from the building while simultaneously clearing out and relocating RACC’s two art storage rooms. The iconic Portlandia statue will receive conservation beginning in 2018 when the renovation focuses on the exterior of the building. During the renovation, RACC has partnered with The Standard Insurance Company to display of a host of Portlandia related items in the second floor lobby of The Standard’s Plaza Building at 1100 SW 5th Avenue, directly across the street from the sculpture.

Now in its third season, Night Lights is an outdoor projection series that promotes digital media, urban art intervention, and technology. In 2017 this collaboration between RACC and Open Signal brought everything from interactive virtual reality experiences created by Stephanie Mendoza to tabletop dioramas made by Laura Heit who created a universe of Hypothetical Stars. As part of this year’s series, Artist-in-Residence Kalimah Abioto worked at Open Signal for three months to produce Sight, a short film that has become a part of the City’s public art collection.

Artist purchases and commissions in 2017

  • Night Lights Artists:
  • Kalimah Abioto
  • Ezekiel Brown
  • Portland State University
  • Laura Heit
  • Stephanie Mendoza
  • Pepper Pepper
  • Artists purchased for Visual Chronicle:
  • Mehran Heard
  • in situ PORTLAND for Converge 45:
  • Demian DinéYazhi´
  • Sharita Towne
  • 2017 Portland Building Installation Space:
  • Elijah Hasan
  • Pochas Radicales: Andrea Elena Telles y Blanca Stacy Villalobos
  • Crystal Schenk
  • Stephanie Simek
  • Aaron Whelton
  • Mural Artists:
  • Laura Berger
  • Ryan Bubnis
  • Caratoes
  • Alex Chiu
  • Jeremy Okai Davis
  • Paola Delfin
  • Meredith Dittmar
  • Broken Fingaz
  • David Flores
  • Gage Hamilton
  • Jesse Hazelip
  • Molly Mendoza
  • David Pinon (Seher One)
  • Andrew Schoultz
  • Hayden Senter
  • Jeff Sheridan
  • Smithe
  • Aya Tarek
  • Toma Villa
  • Shawna X
  • Yoshi47
  • Artists Under Commission:
  • Lynn Basa
  • Lisa Bates
  • Pete Beeman
  • David Boekelheide
  • Christina Conant
  • Cleo Davis & Kayin Talton Davis
  • Mehran Heard
  • Mikyoung Kim
  • Adam Kuby
  • Horatio Law
  • Mauricio Robalino
  • Isaka Shamsud-Din
  • Francesco Simeti
  • Preston Singletary with David Franklin
  • Arvie Smith
  • Shartia Towne
  • Additional Consultants or Professional Services:
  • Cascadia Art Conservation Center
  • Art & Design works

Accomplishments: Grants

In Accomplishments

Complete List of All Grants Awarded

RACC awarded $3.4 million to artists and nonprofit organizations in the fiscal year that ended June 30. A total of 295 grants were awarded to 129 organizations and 155 individual artists through five distinct grant programs.


Samiya Bashir and Rene Denfeld received RACC’s 2017 Fellowships in Literature. Each was awarded $20,000 in recognition of their artistic excellence and their contributions to the region. Meet Samiya and Rene.


Project Grants

  • Architecture Foundation of Oregon
  • Art Gym at Marylhurst University
  • Artback
  • A-WOL Dance Collective
  • Beaverton Civic Theatre
  • Big Horn Brass
  • Boom Arts Inc
  • Ezekiel Brown
  • Caldera
  • Tamara Carroll
  • Choral Arts Ensemble
  • Srijon Chowdhury
  • Circus Cascadia
  • Classical Up Close
  • Corrib Theatre
  • Creative Music Guild
  • Kindra Crick
  • Lori Damiano
  • defunkt theatre
  • en Taiko
  • Marico Fayre
  • Fear No Music
  • Josh Feinberg
  • Jon Garcia
  • Jared Goodman
  • Allie Hankins
  • Megan Hanley
  • Wayne Harrel
  • John Akira Harrold
  • Megan Haupt
  • India Cultural Association
  • Jennifer Kim
  • Kathleen Lane
  • Shayla Lawson
  • Live On Stage
  • Tonya Macalino
  • Elizabeth Malaska
  • Christine Martell
  • Maximiliano Martinez
  • Mask and Mirror Community Theatre
  • Media Project
  • Angelica Millan
  • Matthew Minicucci
  • Northwest Animation Festival
  • Stephen O’Donnell
  • Gabe Ostley
  • Pacific Northwest College of Art
  • Pacific Youth Choir
  • People-Places-Things LLC
  • Portland Chamber Music
  • Portland Community College
  • PETE (Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble)
  • Portland Puppet Lab/PDX Puppet Collective
  • Prequel Artist Program
  • push/FOLD
  • QDoc: Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival
  • Jayanthi Raman
  • Risk/Reward
  • Rock Dojo
  • Kaia Sand
  • Secret Knowledge
  • Signal Fire
  • Bryan Smith
  • Jennifer Springsteen
  • Melanie Stevens
  • Jack StockLynn
  • Shilpa Sunthankar
  • Norman Sylvester
  • Ariella Tai
  • Kim Taylor Blakemore
  • Barbara Tetenbaum
  • The Library Foundation
  • The Old Church Society Inc.
  • The Vanport Mosaic
  • Jeffery Thompson
  • Stacey Tran
  • Viva La Free
  • Washington County Cooperative Library Services
  • Water in the Desert
  • Danielle Weathers
  • Damaris Webb
  • Ezra Weiss
  • Willamette Light Brigade / Portland Winter Light Festival
  • Ryan Woodring
  • World Stage Theatre
  • Jennifer Wright
  • Zoulful Muzic

In 2017, RACC made some big changes to the Project Grant program and will start accepting applications three times a year instead of one. The application process has also been updated and streamlined: the former Arts Equity Grant program is now integrated into the Project Grant process, and RACC has added a new category, Arts Services. You can learn more about these changes in our press release here, and see descriptions of all the projects funded in our December 2017 cycle here.


Arts Equity Grants

  • Autism Society of Oregon
  • Cinema Project
  • Cymaspace
  • Fuse Theatre Ensemble
  • The Giving Tree
  • Girls Inc of the Pacific Northwest 
  • Hmong American Community of Oregon
  • Instituto de Cultura y Arte In Xochitl In Cuicatl
  • Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival
  • Kukatonon Children’s African Dance Troupe
  • Latino Network
  • Morpheus Youth Project
  • NAYA Family Center
  • New Expressive Works
  • Outside the Frame
  • Portland Art & Cultural Center
  • Portland Interfaith Gospel Choir
  • PreSERVE Coalition
  • Public Annex
  • Right 2 Survive
  • ROSE Community Development
  • The Rosewood Initiative
  • Slavic Community Center of NW
  • World Stage Theatre

RACC awarded its last round of Arts Equity Grants in 2017; these have now been integrated into the Project Grant program.


Professional Development Grants

  • Action/Adventure Theatre
  • Avantika Bawa
  • Beaverton Symphony Orchestra
  • Ray Bidegain
  • Brittany Brock
  • Kelly Campbell
  • Robin Chilstrom
  • Hong Chou
  • Stephen Cohen
  • Margaret Connelly
  • Anna Cosper
  • Alissa Nicole Creamer
  • Donna Deandrade
  • Shawn Demarest
  • Steven Doughton
  • Emmeline Eao
  • Derek Ecklund
  • Sita Fidler
  • Aran Graham
  • Leslie Hickey
  • Will Hill
  • Midori Hirose
  • Tahni Holt
  • Taino Houston
  • Meg Hunt
  • Tiffany Kirkpatrick
  • Carly Knowles
  • Laura Kuhlman
  • Matt Leavitt
  • Ellen Lewis
  • Béalleka Makau
  • Sarah Marguier
  • Yuki Martin
  • Robbie McClaran
  • Jamie Minkus
  • Katherine Murphy
  • Julz Nally
  • Hannah Newman
  • Tabitha Nikolai
  • Whitney Nye
  • Sidony O’Neal
  • Oregon Repertory Singers
  • Tatyana Ostapenko
  • Alejandra Oyervides
  • Brian Parker
  • Nikole Potulsky
  • Rock Dojo
  • Alicia J. Rose
  • Mary Rose
  • Paul Rutz
  • Willa Schneberg
  • Sora Shodo
  • Paul Sivley
  • Jennifer Springsteen
  • Eric Stachon
  • Noelle Stiles
  • Tavern Books
  • Minh Tran
  • Kirista Trask
  • Timothy Van Cleave
  • Daniel Wenger
  • Ryan Woodring
  • Leni Zumas

RACC continued to support professional growth for artists and arts organizations through the Professional Development grant program, funding 58 artists and 5 arts organizations in 2017.


General Operating Support

  • Artist Repertory Theatre
  • The August Wilson Red Door Project
  • Bag & Baggage Productions
  • Blue Sky
  • BodyVox
  • Broadway Rose Theatre Company
  • Cappella Romana
  • Chamber Music Northwest
  • Children’s Healing Art Project
  • The Circus Project
  • CoHo Productions
  • Disjecta Contemporary Art Center
  • Echo Theater Company
  • Ethos Music Center
  • Friends of Chamber Music
  • Hand2Mouth
  • Hollywood Theatre
  • Imago Theatre
  • Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)
  • Lakewood Center for the Arts
  • Literary Arts
  • Live Wire! Radio
  • Metropolitan Youth Symphony
  • Miracle Theatre Group
  • My Voice Music
  • Northwest Children’s Theatre
  • Northwest Dance Project
  • NW Documentary Arts & Media
  • Oregon Ballet Theatre
  • Oregon Bravo Youth Orchestras
  • Oregon Children’s Theatre
  • Oregon Symphony Association
  • PDX Jazz
  • Pendulum Aerial Arts
  • Playwrite
  • Polaris Dance Theatre
  • Portland Art Museum/Northwest Film Center
  • The Portland Ballet
  • Portland Baroque Orchestra
  • Portland Center Stage
  • Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra
  • Portland Gay Men’s Chorus
  • Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
  • Portland Opera Association
  • Portland Piano International
  • Portland Playhouse
  • Portland Youth Philharmonic
  • Profile Theatre
  • Third Angle New Music
  • Third Rail Repertory Theatre
  • Triangle Productions
  • White Bird
  • Write Around Portland
  • Young Audiences of Oregon

RACC awarded over $2.3 million in General Operating Support to 51 organizations based in the City of Portland. Of these funds, 42% came from the City of Portland general fund, 56% from the City of Portland’s Arts Education & Access Fund (or arts tax), and 2% from Multnomah County. RACC awarded General Operating Support (without arts tax funding) to three organizations in Clackamas and Washington Counties, funded by those counties.

In 2017, RACC added four organizations to its General Operating Support program: The August Wilson Red Door Project, CoHo Productions, Oregon BRAVO Youth Orchestras and Polaris Dance Theater.



We wish to thank the individuals and organizations who contributed to RACC’s success and helped us expand our impact in 2017:

RACC’s Board of Directors and governing committees

  • Board of Directors:
  • Mike Golub, Chair
  • Linda McGeady, Vice-Chair
  • Eileen L. Day, Treasurer
  • Steve Rosenbaum, Secretary
  • Raymond Cheung
  • Eve Connell
  • Katherine Durham
  • Lew Frederick
  • Debbie Glaze
  • Ozvaldo “Ozzie” Gonzalez
  • Leslie Heilbrunn
  • Angela Hult
  • Parker Lee
  • Anita Menon
  • Frances Portillo
  • Joanna Priestley
  • Eduardo Puelma
  • James Smith
  • Shyla Spicer
  • Anita Yap
  • Executive Committee:
  • Mike Golub, Chair
  • Linda McGeady, Vice-Chair
  • Eileen Day, Treasurer
  • Steve Rosenbaum, Secretary
  • Katherine Durham
  • Ozvaldo “Ozzie” Gonzalez
  • Parker Lee
  • Anita Menon
  • Frances Portillo
  • Arts Education Committee:
  • Debbie Glaze, Chair
  • Kregg Arntson
  • Maria Caballero Rubio
  • Lew Frederick
  • Nike Green
  • Chisao Hata
  • Denis Hickey
  • Jan Robertson
  • Carol Smith
  • Amanda Streeter
  • Joel Stuart
  • Mike Tolon
  • Equity Committee:
  • Frances Portillo, Co-Chair
  • Steve Rosenbaum, Co-Chair
  • Parker Lee
  • Linda McGeady
  • Shyla Spicer
  • Anita Yap
  • Finance & Audit Committee:
  • Eileen Day, Chair
  • Raymond Cheung
  • Eduardo Puelma
  • James Smith
  • Governing Committee for The Right Brain Initiative:
  • Verlea Briggs, Co-Chair
  • Katherine Durham, Co-Chair
  • Kristin Asai
  • Chris Calauro
  • Julie Evans
  • Tom Hughes
  • Marvin Kaiser
  • Karen Kervin
  • Joy Leising
  • Bruce Livingston
  • Audrea Neville
  • Frances Portillo
  • Sarah Prevost
  • Grants Review Committee:
  • Osvaldo “Ozzie” Gonzalez, Chair
  • Jesse Beason
  • Angela Hult
  • Anita Menon
  • Linda McGeady
  • Leadership Development Committee:
  • Anita Menon, Chair
  • Eve Connell
  • Linda McGeady
  • Public Art Advisory Committee:
  • Matthew Juniper, Chair
  • Jiseon Lee Isbara
  • Candace Kita
  • Mack McFarland
  • Linda McGeady
  • Joanna Priestley
  • Wendy Red Star
  • David Wark
  • Business Committee for the Arts
  • Parker Lee, Compass52, co-chair
  • Max Miller, Tonkon Torp, co-chair
  • Kregg Arntson, Portland General Electric
  • Peter Bilotta, Chamber Music Northwest
  • Katharine Coakley, Columbia Trust Company
  • Eileen Day, Homes & Company
  • Yassi Irajpanah, Vibe of Portland
  • Karen Kervin, US Bank
  • Paul Kinley, Opsis Architecture
  • Hsin-Cheng Kuo, Northwestern Mutual
  • Randy Lund, KPMG
  • Denise Mullen, Oregon College of Art and Craft
  • Greg Netzer, Pyramid Communications
  • Jason Scott, Columbia Bank

Resource Council

  • Alan Alexander III
  • Pam Baker
  • Jesse Beason
  • Ernie Bloch II
  • Verlea Briggs
  • Claudia Burnett
  • Jennifer Cies
  • Jay Clemens
  • George Forbes
  • Eric Friedenwald-Fishman
  • Gwyneth Gamble Booth
  • Kira Higgs
  • Phillip Hillaire
  • Eric Hormel
  • Susheela Jayapal
  • Karen Karbo
  • Mike Lindberg
  • Gary R. Maffei
  • Mary Maletis
  • Peg Malloy
  • Julie Mancini
  • Brenda Meltebeke
  • Josie Mendoza
  • Cate Millar
  • Max M. Miller Jr.
  • Randy J. Miller
  • Carole Morse
  • Bonita Oswald
  • Robert G. Packard
  • Dorothy Piacentini
  • Bettsy Preble
  • Jan Robertson
  • Mary B. Ruble
  • Joan Eliot Sappington
  • Lina Garcia Seabold
  • Carol Smith
  • Yvonne Tengwall
  • Craig Thompson
  • Julie Vigeland
  • Clark Worth

Our government liaisons

  • Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish
  • Jamie Dunphy and Amira Streeter in Commissioner Fish’s Office
  • Jennifer Arguinzoni and Lisa Taylor in Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Office
  • Pollyanne Faith Birge in Commissioner Eudaly’s Office
  • Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury
  • Multnomah County Commissioner Lori Stegmann
  • Clackamas County Commissioner Martha Shrader
  • Washington County Commissioner Dick Schouten
  • Metro President Tom Hughes

Grant panelists

  • Neil Aitken
  • Sean Andries
  • Arianna Avena
  • Irina Boboia
  • Lily Burnett
  • Jedidiah Chavez
  • Jacob Cofer
  • Mo Daviau
  • Douglas Detrick
  • Merridawn Duckler
  • Taylor Eggan
  • Lenore Eklund
  • Ty Ennis
  • Mia Ferm
  • Ashleigh Flynn
  • Chris Freeman
  • Chris Fuzell
  • Michael Galen
  • Christy George
  • William Hernandez
  • Lyndsay Hogland
  • Wynee Hu
  • Anthony Hudson
  • Roberta Hunte
  • Susheela Jayapal
  • Liza Jensen
  • Richard Jung
  • Jessica Latham
  • Beth Lewis
  • Brian Lord
  • Christopher Luna
  • Michele McCall-Wallace
  • Bianca McCarthy
  • Brenna McDonald
  • Orit Ofri
  • Olivia Olivia
  • Yasmin Ruvalcaba
  • Mark Takiguchi
  • John Whitten
  • Saidah Wilson
  • Jingzi Zhao

Public Art Volunteers & Panelists

  • Alberta Commons:
  • Alem Grebehiwot
  • Elijah Hasan
  • Susan Kuhn
  • Diana Moosman
  • Hilary Pfeifer
  • Rick Tiland
  • John Washington
  • Visual Chronicle of Portland:
  • Alex Chiu
  • Gabe Flores
  • Tammy Jo Wilson
  • Parks Bond Panel:
  • Wendy Given
  • Arlene Kimura
  • Christopher Masciocchi
  • Lauren McGuire
  • Azad Sadjadi
  • John Laursen (Mt. Tabor)
  • Night Lights Panel:
  • Yaelle Amir
  • Dave Colangelo
  • Ian Lucero
  • Carlee Smith
  • City of Portland Archives & Records Center Artist-in-Residence Panel:
  • Luann Algoso
  • Diana Banning
  • Pollyanne F. Birge
  • Amisa Chui
  • Mary Hansen
  • Garrick Imatani
  • Humboldt Neighborhood Artist-in-Residence Panel:
  • Isa Dean
  • Anne Greenwood
  • Sandy Sampson
  • Donovan Smith
  • Clifford Walker
  • Tyler White
  • Multnomah County Central Courthouse Panel:
  • Cheryl Albrecht
  • Christine Bourdette
  • Nathan Orosco
  • Emily Seltzer
  • Steve Simpson
  • Rebecca Stavenjord
  • Sharita Towne
  • David Wark
  • Public Art Murals Committee:
  • Liz Fouther-Branch
  • Mehran “Eatcho” Heard
  • Jason Powers
  • Wendy Red Star
  • Tomas Alfredo Valladares
  • Public Art Committee:
  • John Forsgren
  • Phillip Hillaire
  • Jiseon Lee Isbara
  • Matthew Juniper
  • Candace Kita
  • Mack McFarland
  • Linda McGeady
  • Joanna Priestley
  • Wendy Red Star
  • Linda Tesner
  • David Wark
  • Dorie Vollum
  • 2017 Portland Building Installation Space Extension Panel:
  • Rodrigo Diaz
  • Bukola Koiki
  • Alex Luboff
  • Kezia Wanner
  • Terresa White
  • Multnomah County Health Headquarters Panel:
  • Paul Arensmeyer
  • Paul Fujita
  • Joanne Fuller
  • Jimmy Gantz
  • Maria Lisa Johnson
  • Stewart Johnson
  • Brett Taute (non-voting)
  • Renee Zangara
  • Spring Garden Park Panel:
  • David Boekelheide
  • Nan Curtis
  • Lori Howell
  • Horatio Law
  • Travis Ruybal
  • Williams Avenue Honoring History Panel:
  • Shara Alexander
  • Michelle DePass
  • Gahlena Easterly
  • Debora Leopold Hutchins
  • Kathy Kendrix
  • Diana Moosman
  • Laurie Simpson
  • Lesley Unthank
  • Ellen Vanderslice
  • Patricia Welsh
  • Public Art Collection Volunteers:
  • Hana Gustafson

Right Brain Volunteers

  • 2017-18 Arts Education Committee members:
  • Kregg Arntson
  • Maria Caballero-Rubio
  • Debra Glaze
  • Lew Frederick
  • Nike Greene
  • Chisao Hata
  • Denis Hickey
  • Jan Robertson
  • Carol Smith
  • Joel Stuart
  • Amira Streeter
  • Mike Tolon
  • 2017-18 Right Brain Committee members:
  • https://therightbraininitiative.org/about-the-right-brain-initiative/committees/
  • 2017-18 Right Brain Volunteers:
  • Jamie Aaronson
  • Anusha Atla
  • Claire Bassett
  • Emily Bedal
  • Amy Birmingham
  • Kimberly Boehler
  • Brenda Bokenyi
  • Cheryl Bristah
  • Jimena Cabello – Salazar
  • Cecily Caceu
  • Michelle Carroll
  • Daniel Casto
  • Arianna Chadwick-Saund
  • Halle Cisco
  • Paul Colvin
  • Anna Crandall
  • Alissa Nicole Creamer
  • Robert Cummings
  • Janice Cushman
  • Sarah Deal
  • Nikki Depriest
  • Luke Desir
  • Swathi Dhanavanthri
  • Adi Dov
  • Katherine Drew
  • Paul Fardig
  • Leah Faure
  • Audrey Forbes
  • Anupama Gaikwad
  • Natalie Garyet
  • Farah Ghaus
  • Ann Gilbert
  • Eva Goldfarb
  • Deepthi Golla
  • Amy Gray
  • Kelsey Gray
  • Rachel Greben
  • Kelley Groves
  • Sarah Harding
  • Laura Hasanen
  • Shawn Patrick Higgins
  • Chloe Hight
  • Carter Hubbard
  • Frank Hunt
  • Sarah Hwang
  • Tim James
  • Maddie Kirby
  • Jennifer Kover
  • David Kozowski
  • Deepika Krishnaswamy
  • Scott Kueny
  • Laura Lutz
  • Leah Maldonado
  • Juanita Martus
  • Nicole Maticic
  • Tina McDermott
  • Mercy McNab
  • ‘Charlie’ Jenna Meyers
  • Elizabeth Midgorden
  • Sarah Moody
  • Brendan Morton
  • Amanda Nelson
  • Natalie Neshyba
  • Lisa Olson
  • Ankur A Patel
  • Greta Pederson
  • Van Pham
  • Molly Radon-Kimball
  • Ashley Renfrew
  • Donn Rochlin
  • Alexis Rolloff
  • Raziah Roushan
  • George Sacks
  • Lauren Scher
  • Chad Seegmiller
  • Atul Shah
  • Alisha Sheetz
  • Megan Smith
  • Kirsten Southwell
  • Katie Steinberg
  • Monique Terner
  • Becky Thomas
  • Lauren Vannini
  • Leah Verwey
  • Carrie Anne Wilcox
  • Bobby Zaman
  • Malindi Zimmer
  • Megan Zimmer

Work for Art volunteers

  • Katina Andoniadis
  • Christin Bollow
  • Sam Burns
  • Phoebe Ebright
  • Kate Kristiansen
  • Melinda Larson
  • Karen Logan
  • Dan Mankin
  • Kevin McClurg
  • Abigail McKee
  • Brady Mordhorst
  • William Rihel
  • Raziah Roushan
  • Chad Seegmiller
  • Warren Shinnamon
  • Anna Smith
  • Tonisha Toler
  • Toni Tringolo
  • Skylar Washabaugh
  • Juice Volunteers:
  • Sarah Deal
  • Phoebe Ebright
  • Kate Fagerholm
  • Ella Marra-Ketelaar
  • Sinéad Kimbrell
  • Maya McFaddin
  • André Middleton
  • Raziah Roushan

Our work would not be possible without the extraordinary contributions of cash and in-kind goods and services that we receive from individuals, businesses, foundations and government agencies. We are incredibly grateful for your support!

Right Brain Donor List

Work for Art Donor List

Cash donations to RACC

  • Amazon Smile
  • Barran Liebman
  • Nichola Ballerstedt
  • Bette Bauer
  • Nicholas Blosser
  • Shameek Bose
  • Raymond Cheung
  • Columbia Bank
  • Columbia Trust Company
  • John Comford
  • Eve Connell
  • Dwayne Davis
  • Eileen Day
  • Katherine Durham
  • Ralph Dutt-Ballerstadt
  • Carol Edlman
  • Sam Foulger
  • Lew Frederick
  • Geffen Mesher & Company, P.C. 
  • Gerding Edlen
  • Debra Glaze
  • Mike Golub
  • Osvaldo Gonzalez
  • Taoufik Guerouarte & Sonia Ticas
  • Cheryl Hazel
  • Leslie Heilbrunn
  • Phillip Hillaire
  • Angela Hult
  • Susheela Jayapal
  • KeyBank
  • KPMG
  • Kroger
  • Lane Powell
  • Parker Lee
  • Brenda Mallory
  • Charles Martin
  • McDonald Jacobs
  • Linda McGeady
  • Measure Creative
  • Brenda Meltebeke
  • Anita Menon
  • Metropolitan Group
  • The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation
  • Morel Ink
  • Mitchell Nieman
  • Nike
  • Norris, Beggs & Simpson
  • Debra Olsen
  • Perkins & Co.
  • Frances Portillo
  • Portland Art Museum
  • Portland General Electric
  • Portland Timbers
  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Joanna Priestley
  • Eduardo Puelma
  • Jan Robertson
  • Steven Rosenbaum & Christine Lundeen
  • Arlene Schnitzer
  • James Smith
  • Shyla M. Spicer
  • The Standard
  • Tonkon Torp
  • Umpqua Bank
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Anita Yap
  • ZGF

In-kind donations to RACC

  • 4 Imprint
  • Adlai Alexander
  • Alpha Card
  • Alpha Media
  • Ben & Jerry’s/New Avenues for Youth PartnerShop
  • Brown Printing Inc
  • Cascadia Art Conservation
  • Davis Wright Tremaine
  • Dodge and Burn
  • Erica Ann Photography
  • Framing Resource
  • Gary McGee & Co
  • Hartman, Charles A Hartman FA
  • Johanna Kim
  • Barbara Kite
  • Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers
  • Laurelwood Brewing
  • Moon Vine Music LLC
  • New Horizons
  • Pearl Frame Center
  • Performance Productions
  • Picture This
  • Portland Business Journal
  • PosterGarden
  • Matt Schlosky
  • Staccato Gelato
  • The Study

We’re not in it alone! RACC collaborates with dozens of other community organizations and national affiliates to enrich our communities through arts and culture.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Americans for the Arts
  • ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development)
  • City Club of Portland
  • Clackamas County Arts Alliance
  • Cultural Advocacy Coalition
  • East Portland Chamber of Commerce
  • Grantmakers in the Arts
  • Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington
  • Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
  • Nonprofit Association of Oregon
  • Oregon Native American Chamber
  • Partners in Diversity
  • Portland Business Alliance
  • Portland Human Resources Management Association
  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts/Partners in Education and Any Given Child
  • Travel Portland
  • Tualatin Valley Creates
  • Willamette Valley Development Officers

We also wish to thank…

  • Intisar Abioto
  • Convergence Networks
  • Anne Barragar, Carly Chan, and Sheila Fox Morrison, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
  • buyolympia.com
  • HUB International
  • Scott Daniels and Emily Payment, Aldrich CPAs + Advisors LLP
  • Gary McGee and Yee Lee McGee, Gary McGee & Co. LLP
  • Northwest Investment Counselors, LLC
  • Andrew W. Rome and David Johnson, SEIA, LLC
  • Carlos Windham and Theresa Logan, Resolutions Northwest
  • Toni Tabora-Roberts
  • George Thorn
  • WSC Insurance
  • Erin Zollenkopf, Susan Matlack Jones & Associates, LLC
  • The Standard
  • Cindy Thompson Event Productions
  • Misty Marquam, Marquam Auction Agency
  • Michael Kosmala
  • Jen Wick
  • Poison Waters


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