$253.5 million
Total economic impact of nonprofit arts organizations in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties
Source: Americans for the Arts.

Individuals directly served by RACC last year—including artists, arts administrators, teachers, students and other residents

Arts-centric businesses in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties—including arts organizations, design firms, media companies and photography businesses
Source: Americans for the Arts, Dunn and Bradstreet.

Welcome to the Regional Arts & Culture Council’s 2013 Annual Report—designed for the first time as an online experience. We hope you will let us know what you think of this new format for sharing the highlights of another action-packed year.

In 2012 we focused much of our time and energy around advocacy and campaigning for the Arts Education and Access Fund, and then celebrating its ringing endorsement by voters. In 2013 Mayor Charlie Hales, Arts Commissioner Nick Fish and the Creative Advocacy Network fine-tuned the measure and settled several legal challenges, all of which allows this groundbreaking effort to move forward.


Meanwhile, we have refocused our attentions on the core values behind all of RACC’s programs and activities. Inside this report you will see how we have leveraged funds through Work for Art and The Right Brain Initiative and all of our public and private partnerships. We have also been honing our program delivery for maximum efficiency and value. As we head into 2014 we pledge to remain fair and transparent stewards of both public and private funds, investing in artists, nonprofit organizations and schools that make our community stronger.

RACC continues to build on past efforts around equity and inclusion to ensure we reach all residents in our region with arts and culture funding, education, support, access and information. This report highlights some of the important steps we are taking, including further diversifying our board and staff and providing various resources to the many arts organizations we fund. We firmly believe that this is work all of us must commit to and measure individually and collectively.

On behalf of the RACC Board and staff, thank you to everyone who contributed to the creativity, vitality and livability of the Portland region in 2013. Together we will make 2014 another banner year for arts and culture.

Gracias a todos,

Lina Garcia Seabold Board Chair Eloise Damrosch Executive Director

RACC Board

About Racc

Our vision:

To enrich community life by working with partners to create an environment in which the arts and culture of the region flourish and prosper.

Our mission:

Through vision, leadership and service the Regional Arts & Culture Council works to integrate arts and culture in all aspects of community life.

Our values:

  • We value freedom of artistic and cultural expression as a fundamental human right.
  • We value a diversity of artistic and cultural experiences.
  • We value a community in which everyone can participate in arts and culture.
  • We value a community that celebrates and supports its artists, and its arts and cultural organizations.
  • We value arts and culture as key elements in creating desirable places to live, work and visit.

Our work would not be possible without the dedication of RACC’s staff and board members. Seven new community volunteers joined our board in 2014: Robert Bucker, Debbie Glaze, Angela Hult, Dana Ingram, Susheela Jayapal, David Lofland and Linda McGeady.

We also said farewell to three board members whose final terms expired in June: Alan Alexander III, Karen Karbo and Bonita Oswald. Thank you for your service, and welcome to RACC’s Resource Council!

RACC Board

  • Lina Garcia Seabold, Chair
  • Bonita Oswald, Vice Chair
  • Jennifer Cies, Treasurer
  • Alan Alexander III, Secretary
  • Jesse Beason
  • Nik Blosser
  • Verlea G. Briggs
  • Jay Clemens
  • Eileen L. Day
  • Jodi Delahunt Hubbell
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Rep. Lew Frederick
  • Mike Golub
  • Kira Higgs
  • Phillip Hillaire
  • Eric R. Hormel
  • Karen Karbo
  • Joe Krumm
  • Max M. Miller, Jr.
  • Joanna Priestley
  • Brian Rice
  • Jan Robertson

RACC Staff

  • Eloise Damrosch, Executive Director
  • Cynthia Knapp, Director of Operations
  • Anna Rigby, Executive Assistant
  • Jennifer Matsumura, Finance & HR Specialist
  • Carla Holmberg, Bookkeeper
  • Michele Graham, Finance Clerk
  • Ahmed Yusuf, Office Manager
  • Jeff Hawthorne, Director of Community Engagement
  • Kathryn Jackson, Work for Art Manager
  • Marina Barcelo, Corporate & Foundation Relations Manager
  • Chad Hadsell, Work for Art Donor Data & Technology Specialist
  • Windy Hovey, Work for Art Workplace Giving Coordinator
  • Shabab Ahmed Mirza, Work for Art Campaign Assistant
  • Marna Stalcup, Director of Arts Education
  • Kendra Yao, The Right Brain Initiative Program Specialist
  • Rebecca Burrell, The Right Brain Initiative Outreach Specialist
  • Allie Maki Maya, The Right Brain Initiative Program Assistant
  • Becky Miller, The Right Brain Initiative Assistant and RACC Outreach Coordinator
  • Helen Daltoso, Grants Officer
  • Ingrid Carlson, Grants Officer
  • Alfredo Lettenmaier, Grants Assistant
  • Kristin Calhoun, Public Art Manager
  • Peggy Kendellen, Public Art Manager
  • Keith Lachowicz, Public Art Collections Manager
  • William Rihel, Public Art Program Specialist
  • Danielle Davis, Public Art Collections Registrar
  • Tim Stigliano, Public Art Maintenance Technician
  • Chris Tew, Information Technology Manager
  • Phoebe Southwood, Information Technology Associate
  • Mary Bauer, Communications Associate
  • Tonisha Toler, Outreach Specialist


FY13 audited financial statements

RACC’s audited financial statements for the year ending June 30, 2013, reflect the planned use of net assets that were accumulated in prior years, including temporarily restricted public art funds as well as multiyear foundation grants for The Right Brain Initiative. The organization’s expenses have remained stable, and RACC’s management costs are consistently low at 11.5%.

Every public dollar invested in RACC in FY13 became $1.18 through RACC’s leveraging model, including gifts and grants from the private sector. The City of Portland remains RACC’s most significant funding source, including $3.9 million from the city’s general fund in FY13, and $200,000 from the city’s business license fee designated for a special matching challenge fund that helped Work for Art raise more than $761,359 last year.

In FY13 RACC did not receive any proceeds from the Arts Education and Access Fund (a new income tax approved by Portland voters in November 2012) but did receive its first allocation in early 2014. These additional funds will be used exclusively for grants, and for arts education coordination activities.

Public support $6,332,764 84.7%
Private sector contributions $697,114 9.3%
Earned income $444,049 5.9%
Total Revenue $7,473,927 100.0%

Advocacy $483,742 6.0%
Grants* $3,237,607 40.4%
Public Art $1,801,497 22.5%
Community Services** $730,498 9.1%
Arts Education $834,983 10.4%
Management & General $917,305 11.5%
Total expenses $8,005,632 100.0%
Decrease in Net Assets ($531,705)
Net assets at beginning of year $2,623,774
Net assets at end of year $2,092,069

* Includes $238,138 WFA Donor Designated funds to Arts Organizations
** Includes $212,000 pass-through funds to the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition, Cultural Coalition of Washington County, and Clackamas County Arts Action Alliance

Accomplishments: Arts Education

In Accomplishments

RACC’s arts integration program, The Right Brain Initiative, connects public schools with local teaching artists, coaching them to design classroom arts experiences that enliven subjects like math, science, reading and writing.

This partnership managed by RACC is currently serving nearly 14,000 K–8 students in the Portland metro area. In 2013, Right Brain also provided professional development for more than 300 teachers and other school staff, helping them build the skills to independently weave the arts throughout their curriculum.

This year, the Gresham-Barlow School District became the first school district in the region to connect Right Brain with every elementary school. This, plus the addition of the Corbett School District, brings Right Brain to 49 schools, or over 20% of the K–5, K–6 and K–8 schools in the region.

Right Brain received renewed funding from the National Endowment for the Arts in 2013. The program also developed affiliations with two other national initiatives. Turnaround Arts (TA) is a public-private partnership of the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, aiming to turn around student achievement through the arts at the nation’s lowest-performing schools. Right Brain proudly partnered with Portland Public Schools’ King PK–8, one of only eight TA schools in the country, to provide an essential part of its classroom arts programming and professional development for staff.

Add an “A” for arts to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math curriculum, and you’ll make STEAM. Right Brain piloted STEAM programming at Jackson and Quatama Elementary Schools, both located in the “Silicon Forest” area of Oregon’s Washington County. Students used the arts to illuminate physics, ecology, geology and much more. Right Brain also worked in collaboration with US Representative Suzanne Bonamici, a leader in the Congressional STEAM Caucus, to build major awareness for the movement.

Read more about Right Brain at TheRightBrainInitiative.org, or download the 2013 Progress Report.

Right Brain Partner Schools 2013-14

Accomplishments: Community Services

In Accomplishments

RACC provides numerous additional resources to support a thriving community of artists. Among our accomplishments in 2013:

    • A total of 324 artists participated in 13 RACC workshops, covering topics from marketing and grant writing to contracts and copyright protection. Led by professionals in their field, each workshop was offered at an affordable price ($25 to $35) as part of RACC’s commitment to providing learning opportunities that help artists achieve their career goals.


    • The Cultural Leadership Program (CLP) served 43 organizations with free consultations designed to help participants become more successful and more sustainable in their missions and/or to navigate times of significant change. The CLP also served nine artist-led entities with a series of roundtable discussions covering topics like long-range planning, board development, fundraising and audience engagement.


    • More than 500 creatives attended six Art Spark networking events in 2013. Held at different happy hour venues on the third Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November, Art Spark provides a place for artists of all sorts to meet, discuss, blather, applaud and plot the growth of the arts in Portland.

    • RACC hosted the 2013 National Arts Marketing Project Conference, a program of Americans for the Arts, in Portland. Thanks to scholarships from the James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation and the Oregon Community Foundation, many local arts administrators were among the 675 attendees who learned new strategies and skills for connecting more deeply with their audiences.


    • As the most comprehensive online resource directory in the region, racc.org logged more than 126,000 unique visitors in 2013. Local artists and arts administrators continue to find jobs, funding opportunities, live/work spaces, professional development workshops and more through RACC’s website.


    • RACC served 5,050 subscribers through Art Notes, a monthly electronic newsletter chock-full of opportunities and events of interest to the local arts community. RACC also prints Art Notes every other month and shares that resource in libraries, cafes and community centers throughout the region.


    • More than 9,500 tickets were sold by RACC-funded organizations at $5 each through Arts for All, a program that helps make the arts accessible to low-income Oregonians who rely on food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

    • Business for Culture & the Arts, Commissioner Nick Fish and RACC welcomed some of the city’s newest arts leaders to their posts at a special reception at Pittock Mansion on August 6. Honorees included Kevin Irving, Artistic Director, Oregon Ballet Theatre; Andres Lopera, Music Director, Metropolitan Youth Symphony; Adam Davis, Executive Director, Oregon Humanities; Seth Truby, Executive Director, Oregon BRAVO Youth Orchestra; Ruth Shelly, Executive Director, Portland Children’s Museum; Adriana Baer, Artistic Director, Profile Theatre; Damasco Rodriguez, Artistic Director, Artists Repertory Theatre; and Kevin Kruse, Managing Director, Portland Playhouse.


  • RACC continues to provide translation services for community members with limited English proficiency, and has published several of its materials in Spanish, Vietnamese and Russian, plus other languages upon request.

Accomplishments: Grants

In Accomplishments

Complete List of All Grants Awarded

2.9 Million
Total attendance at arts events provided by RACC’s 48 General Operating Support organizations

$86.7 Million
Annual purchasing and payroll power of RACC’s 48 General Operating Support organizations

The cost of a ticket to many arts events for low-income Oregonians through the Arts for All program

In 2013, RACC awarded a total of $3.3 million for artists, arts organizations, schools and other community groups.

    • In the summer of 2012, RACC sought proposals from nonprofit organizations that were providing arts-related services for communities of color, immigrants and refugees. The following organizations received special grants for “Expanding Cultural Connections” in FY13:
      List of Expanding Cultural Connections grants

      • Colored Pencils Art and Culture Council
      • Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)
      • Lao American Foundation
      • Latino Art Now
      • Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO)
      • Miracle Theatre Group
      • Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA)
      • VOZ Workers’ Rights Education Project


    • The Artist Fellowship is awarded to one Oregon artist each year, and includes a $20,000 grant to sustain or enhance the artist’s creative process. Fellowships are traditionally awarded in rotating disciplines that include Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Media Arts and Literature.
      RACC’s 2013 Fellow in Literature is Sallie Tisdale.

      She has written everything from short memoirs to books, from personal poems to complex essays. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, Harper’s, The New Republic, and Salon, and she has published seven books, including Stepping Westward, Women of the Way, The Best Thing I Ever Tasted, and Talk Dirty to Me.
      Learn more about Sallie’s award.
      View a slideshow of all RACC Fellows since 1999.


    • General Operating Support provides stable, unrestricted funding for 48 established, professional arts organizations in the region. The City of Portland; Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties; and Work for Art are the primary sources of revenue for these grants.
      List of General Operating Support grants

      • Artist Repertory Theatre, $57,576
      • Bag & Baggage Productions, $11,600
      • Blue Sky Gallery, $13,890
      • Bodyvox, $ 25.546
      • Broadway Rose Theatre Company, $36,740
      • Cappella Romana, Inc., $13,350
      • Chamber Music Northwest, $53,450
      • Children’s Healing Art Project, $12,760
      • Do Jump! Extremely Physical Theatre, $30,396
      • Ethos Music Center, $17,700
      • Friends of Chamber Music, $21,796
      • Hollywood Theatre/Film Action Oregon, $17,970
      • Imago Theatre, $30,406
      • Independent Publishing Resource Center, $12,136
      • Lakewood Center for the Arts, $37,320
      • Literary Arts, Inc., $45,726
      • Live Wire!, $12,710
      • Metropolitan Youth Symphony, $30,986
      • Miracle Theatre Group, $30,646
      • Northwest Children’s Theatre, $28,390
      • Northwest Dance Project, $16,000
      • NW Documentary Arts & Media, $12,136
      • Oregon Ballet Theatre, $85,900
      • Oregon Children’s Theatre, $60,936
      • Oregon Repertory Singers, $26,630
      • Oregon Symphony Association, $144,516
      • PHAME Academy, $12,136
      • Playwrite, Inc., $17,386
      • Portland Art Museum, $194,396
      • Portland Baroque Orchestra, $25,500
      • Portland Center Stage, $91,216
      • Portland Chamber Orchestra, $15,710
      • Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra, $14,090
      • Portland Gay Men’s Chorus, $16,790
      • Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, $29,656
      • Portland Opera, $140,716
      • Portland Piano International, $15,630
      • Portland Taiko, $37,420
      • Portland Youth Philharmonic, $31,706
      • Profile Theatre Project, $23,360
      • Tears of Joy Theatre, $31,966
      • The Portland Ballet, $19,166
      • Third Angle New Music Ensemble, $11,500
      • Third Rail Repertory Theatre, $13,400
      • White Bird, $52,116
      • Wordstock, Inc., $ 15.436
      • Write Around Portland, $20,796
      • Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington, $28,050


    • Project Grants fund a wide variety of artistic projects in all disciplines. They are awarded in three categories: Artistic Focus, Community Participation and Arts-In-Schools. This list includes artists and arts organizations that presented RACC-funded projects in 2013. See a list of project grants taking place in 2014.
      List of Project Grants

      • Devon Allen
      • Architecture Foundation of Oregon
      • The Art Gym, Marylhurst University
      • Corey Averill
      • Hayley Barker
      • Beaverton Civic Theatre
      • Amy Bernstein
      • Barbara Bernstein
      • Jesse Blanchard
      • Andy Blubaugh
      • Boom Arts
      • Beth Madsen Bradford
      • Gary Brickner-Schulz
      • Tracy Broyles
      • Bubba Ville
      • Buckman Arts Focus Elemen
      • Jessica Burton
      • Teresa Christiansen
      • Classical Revolution PDX
      • Compass Repertory Theatre
      • Conduit Dance Inc.
      • Anna Crandall
      • Philip Cuomo
      • Anna Daedalus
      • Berl Dana’y
      • Ben Darwish
      • Shelby Davis
      • Daniel Duford
      • Dan Duval
      • Wynde Dyer
      • Estacada Arts Commission
      • Experimental Half-Hour
      • FearNoMusic
      • Lisa Fink
      • Friends of Marquam Nature Park
      • Subashini Ganesan
      • Keyon Gaskin
      • Nicole J. Georges
      • Leanne Grabel
      • Grand Detour
      • Anna Gray
      • Cheryl Green
      • Jenni GreenMiller
      • Joanna Ashia Grzesik
      • Courtenay Hameister
      • Hand2Mouth Theatre
      • Joel Harmon
      • Only Harrison
      • Chisao Error
      • Matthew Henderson
      • Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets Inc.
      • Ashley Hollingshead
      • Bill Holznagel
      • CJ Hurley
      • Impact NW
      • India Cultural Association
      • Irvington School PTA
      • Kazuyo Ito
      • Sara Jaffe
      • Julie Keefe
      • Know Your City
      • Eva Kokopeli
      • Joanne Kollman
      • Lee Krist
      • Kukatonon
      • Andrea Leoncavallo
      • Alain LeTourneau
      • Lewis & Clark College Hoffman Gallery
      • The Library Foundation
      • Living Stages
      • Lyndee Mah
      • Margaret Malone
      • Carla Mann
      • Paul Martone
      • Jim McGinn
      • Max McGrath-Riecke
      • Janet McIntyre
      • Media, Arts & Technology Institute
      • MetroArts Inc.
      • Chaz Mortimer
      • Museum of Contemporary Craft
      • Music Access Project of Portland
      • My Voice Music
      • Emily Nachison
      • National Alliance on Mental Illness of Clackamas County
      • NAYA Family Center
      • Loren Nelson
      • Eric Nordin
      • TJ Norris
      • North Clackamas School District
      • Orland Nutt
      • Caroline Oakley
      • The Obo Addy Legacy Project
      • Kristin Olson-Huddle
      • Opera Theater Oregon
      • Oregon Cultural Access
      • Hem
      • Pacific Northwest College of Art
      • Brian Padian
      • Painted Sky Inc.
      • Jacob Pander
      • Casey Parks
      • Leif Peterson
      • Nick Peterson
      • Pham Vu N.
      • Polaris Dance Theatre
      • Polish Library Association
      • Portland Actors Conservatory
      • Portland Children’s Museum
      • Portland Jazz Festival
      • Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival
      • Portland Playhouse
      • QDoc
      • Portland Revels
      • Portland Story Theater
      • Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association
      • Portland State University Department of Art
      • Lisa Radon
      • Jayanthi Raman
      • RASIKA – India Arts and Culture Council
      • Kelly Rauer
      • RECESS LLC
      • Michael Reinsch
      • Resonance Ensemble
      • Rex Putnam High School Theatre Department
      • Jerry Tischleder
      • Rock ’n’ Roll Camp for Girls
      • Michelle Ross
      • John C. Savage
      • Crystal Schenk
      • Lisa Ann Schonberg
      • Heidi Schwegler
      • Rebecca L. Shapiro
      • Larry Sherman
      • Carter Sickels
      • Signal Fire
      • Shalanda R. Sims
      • Stephen Slappe
      • Mike A. Smith
      • Sowelu Theater
      • Staged! Portland’s Musical Theatre Series
      • Julia Stoops
      • Paul Susi
      • Theatre in the Grove
      • Theatre Vertigo
      • Curtis Walker
      • Samantha Wall
      • Holcombe Waller
      • Archie Washington
      • Water in the Desert
      • Damaris Webb
      • Jackie Weissman
      • Emmett Wheatfall
      • Willamette Partnership
      • Alan Wone


  • RACC awarded 22 Opportunity/Emergency Grants in FY13 as a way to assist with several arts organizations’ unanticipated opportunities and emergencies.
    Due to funding cuts from the City of Portland, RACC is not currently accepting requests for Opportunity and Emergency grant funding.
    List of Opportunity/Emergency Grants

    • Agnieszka Laska Dancers
    • Andisheh Center
    • Blackfish Gallery/Burdock-Burn Art Resources
    • Conduit Dance, Inc.
    • Creative Music Guild
    • Film Action Oregon
    • Hellenic-American Cultural Center & Museum
    • Kalakendra
    • Kukatonan
    • Marissa Mission
    • Metropolitan Youth Symphony
    • Multnomah Arts Center Association
    • The Obo Addy Legacy Project
    • Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission
    • Pacific Crest Sinfonietta
    • Portland Boychoir
    • Portland Center for the Performing Arts Foundation
    • Portland Playhouse
    • Print Arts Northwest
    • Profile Theatre Project
    • Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls


  • Professional Development Grants, up to $1,500 each, assist artists and arts administrators with opportunities to improve their skills in art, craft or business management. This list includes artists and arts organizations that received grants in 2013.
    “This funding has already made a terrific impact on us—like pouring steroids on our roots. Watch us grow” -Jewish Theatre CollectiveList of Professional Development Grants

    • David Abel
    • Intisar Abioto
    • Ano’s Art
    • David Ashman
    • Ballet Papalotl
    • Jin Camou
    • Sean Joseph Patrick Carney
    • Bradley Clark
    • Classical Revolution PDX
    • Michael Cooper
    • Asher Z. Craw
    • Quincy Davis
    • Joe Diemer
    • Only Erickson
    • Erik Ferguson
    • Eugénie Frerichs
    • Tony Fuemmeler
    • Fusionarte
    • Tom Gail
    • Laura Gibson
    • Damien Gilley
    • Grand Detour
    • Bre Gregg
    • Chris Harder
    • Lavaun Heaster
    • Tahni Holt
    • Joshua Hulst
    • Sara Jaffe
    • Jeremy Wilson Foundation
    • Jewish Theatre Collaborative
    • Tonya L. Jones
    • But Kim
    • Late Night Library
    • Living Stages
    • Katherine Longstreth
    • Joaquin Lopez
    • Anita Menon
    • Terri L. Nelson
    • Julie Perini
    • Hilary Pfeifer
    • Lena Podesta
    • Luciana Proano
    • Ralph Tribute
    • Linda J. Pulliam
    • MaryAnn Puls
    • Lisa Radon
    • Gary Robbins
    • Diane Russell
    • John C. Savage
    • Willa Hope Schneberg
    • Rachel Siegel
    • Kate Simmons
    • Maria Simon
    • Paul Sivley
    • Amanda Sledz
    • Stages Performing Arts Youth Academy
    • Michael Stirling
    • Angelita Surmon
    • Sivagami Vanka
    • Venerable Showers of Beauty Gamelan
    • Reed Wallsmith
    • Jonathan Walters
    • Maggie Wauklyn
    • Vicki Wilson
    • Emily Windler
    • Lucy Lee Yim
    • Leni Zumba

Accomplishments: Public Art

In Accomplishments

Public Art Search More Information

Public art enlivens urban and rural landscapes and promotes dialogue among people of all ages and backgrounds. Through a variety of methods, RACC helps acquire and maintain community-owned artworks in public places. The Public Art Advisory Committee oversees RACC’s public art program, which is among the oldest and most highly regarded in the country.

Percent-For-Art Highlights:

The City of Portland and Multnomah County each have a “2% for Art” ordinance that funds the creation and maintenance of public art.

  • Artists Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo of Lead Pencil Studio completed Inversion: Plus/Minus, a series of large-scale sculptures. These towering lattices of weathering steel evoke the ghosts of old warehouses in Industrial Southeast Portland.
  • May 17 was the grand opening of the new Fields Neighborhood Park at NW 10th & Overton, which included the unveiling of Christine Bourdette’s Snails— six bronze sculptures sited along the path that encircles the expansive grassy area.
  • RACC and artist Jonathan Marrs installed a series of photographs at Fire Station 18 in Southwest Portland. Four diptychs and two single photographs reflect actions and textures related to the firefighting crews who work there.
  • Dan Corson’s Nepenthes, a series of four solar-illuminated sculptures along NW Davis Street, were installed in the second week of May. This Portland Mall Project increases pedestrian connectivity to Old Town/Chinatown from the Pearl District and vice versa.
  • On September 30, RACC, with Portland Streetcar Inc., dedicated Jorge Pardo’s Streetcar Stop for Portland, a multifaceted structure of steel, glass, wood and fiberglass on North Weidler adjacent to the Rose Quarter
  • In June 2013, the Public Art Network of Americans for the Arts named Dekumstruction, a sculpture in Northeast Portland by Buster Simpson and Peg Butler, one of 50 outstanding public art projects in the United States in 2012. This cleverly designed bike rack also reclaims runoff from adjacent rooftops and releases it into a nearby bioswale.


For artists interested in painting a mural in the City of Portland, RACC’s Public Art Murals Program offers up to $10,000 in matching funding for qualifying projects. Building owners are required to provide easements that allow the mural to be added to the city’s public art collection and remain in place for no less than five years. On October 12, RACC hosted a workshop at Teatro Milagro in Southeast Portland to help artists and community members understand the ways and means of getting an outdoor mural done in the city.

Murals completed in 2012-2013 include:

  • St. Johns Mural in North Portland by Carson Ellis, produced by Whitney Anderson
  • North Tabor Mural in Northeast Portland by SpaceCraft: Mission to Arts (Maxwell Humpres, Jakub Jerzy Kucharczyk, Matthew Allen Wooldridge)
  • Bella Venti-tre e Thurman in Northwest Portland by Larry Kangas
  • Woodstock Mural in Southeast Portland by Mike Lawrence, produced by Heidi Schultz


In addition to large, permanently sited commissions, RACC has managed collections of two- and three-dimensional artworks for the City of Portland and Multnomah County for more than 30 years. Over 1,000 portable artworks now rotate throughout 36 city and county buildings, including 17 new works that were recently purchased for the Visual Chronicle of Portland, a subset of the Portable Works that focuses on works that capture the zeitgeist of the city.


RACC maintains a space for interactive and experimental media installations in the lobby of the Portland Building. The program has featured 155 installations since it started in 1994. Exhibits appearing in 2013 included:



RACC’s public art in residence program, intersections, encourages artists to develop new ways of creating socially engaged, interactive art experiences in community settings. In 2013, the BCCTV artist collective of Carl Diehl, Ariana Jacob, Joan Lundell, Mack McFarland and Jeffrey Richardson led a series of video production workshops at Bud Clark Commons with individuals who have experienced homelessness. The project culminated in a free screening at the Hollywood Theatre of workshop participants’ short works that included documentary, comedy and animation.

Also in 2013, artists Garrick Imatani and Kaia Sand began their residency at the Portland Archives & Record Center with a goal of understanding surveillance files the Portland Police Bureau gathered on activist groups in the 1960s, ’70s and early ’80s. They will create a series of installations and public interactions as part of their residency.

Both of these projects are funded by the City of Portland Percent-for-Art program, which RACC administers.


Since 1989, public art maintenance funding has been set aside for percent-for-art commissions to assist with their future care. But what about works made before 1989? A significant number of historical sculptures in the City collection have no maintenance funding at all. In times of tight budgets creative solutions and collaborations are required, and this summer RACC was pleased to be able to leverage its resources with a Cultural Development Grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust to undertake surface restoration projects on the George Washington monument at NE Sandy and Alameda and the Sacajawea and Jean-Baptiste sculpture in Washington Park. The grant also funded a professional condition assessment for the iconic Portlandia sculpture on the façade of the Portland Building.The assessment will help RACC develop a detailed conservation plan for this symbol of our city.

RACC’s extensive public art maintenance role was captured for Oregon Public Broadcasting in a thoughtful story by Arts & Life producer Dan Sadowsky.

Accomplishments: Advocacy & Development

In Accomplishments

Annual Report: Work for Art workforart.org
Work For Art 2012-2013 Campaign
Employees 39%
Other Individuals 5%
Company Matches and Corporate Gifts 13%
Public and Private Matching Challenge Fund 42%
Other 1%

Work for Art’s 2012–13 annual report is available here and a complete list of donors is available online at workforart.org/donors.

RACC advocates for increased public and private investments in arts and culture. Our grassroots workplace giving campaign, Work for Art, raised $776,007 during the 2013-14 campaign year. Honorary Chair Jeff Harvey, president and CEO of Burgerville, and co-chair Mike Golub, president of business operations for the Portland Timbers, led the campaign. All Work for Art proceeds—nearly $5.5 million over the last eight years—go out as grants to local arts and culture organizations.

RACC also supported the Creative Advocacy Network and its campaign for “Schools and Arts Together,” which resulted in a new Arts Education and Access Fund, approved by 62% of Portland voters in November 2012. Proceeds of the new income tax will pay for one art or music teacher for every 500 K–5 students in the city’s public schools and numerous arts education and access activities throughout Portland.

For more information visit www.racc.org/aeaf

Portland voters approving a new Arts Education & Access Fund

“In today’s business world, there’s no such thing as too much creativity or too much innovation.”
— Jeff Harvey, President and CEO, Burgerville

Work for Art’s seven-year fundraising total

The 2013–14 campaign is now underway, with a goal of raising $775,000. Jeff Harvey is serving as honorary chair for a second year, supported by co-chair Mike Golub, COO of the Portland Timbers. The campaign got a major boost in December, when Work for Art received $50,000 from Cambia Health Solutions, its largest corporate gift to date.

Work for Art, RACC’s workplace giving program that raises money and awareness for local arts organizations, raised a total of $764,309 in the campaign ending June 30, 2013. Work for Art’s seven-year fundraising total has grown to $4,689,631.

The 2012–13 Work for Art campaign was chaired by Jeff Harvey, president and CEO of Burgerville. “It is a great thing to celebrate arts and culture in our communities,” he says. “In today’s business world, there’s no such thing as too much creativity or too much innovation. Investing in a vital arts community is the same as committing to deep and long-term investment in the vitality and innovation of business.” For the third consecutive year, Burgerville hosted a special “Feed the Arts” Day at all 39 of its restaurants, raising $15,000 in addition to the company’s employee giving campaign.

Portland General Electric was the top employee giving campaign in 2012–13, raising a total of $83,530 for Work for Art. Burgerville had the most employee donors (410) of any company, and Portland Center Stage was acknowledged for raising the most money among nonprofit organizations ($2,442). Work for Art also welcomed new campaigns from Laika, Metropolitan Group, Bank of the Cascades, and Norm Thompson Outfitters.

  • Thank you to all of the companies that participated in Work for Art in 2012–13:List of participating companies
    • The following companies provided employee giving campaigns, company matching gift funds, and other donations for the 2013-14 campaign. (*) denotes companies with employee giving campaigns.
    • TOP 10 COMPANIES, $6,000–84,000:
    • Portland General Electric*
    • NW Natural*
    • Burgerville*
    • The Standard*
    • OHSU*
    • State of Oregon*
    • City of Portland*
    • Zimmer Gunsul Frasca *
    • Multnomah County*
    • Stoel Rives *
    • $3,001–6,000
    • Boora Architects*
    • KeyBank*
    • McDonald Jacobs*
    • Metro*
    • Portland Public Schools*
    • RACC Staff & Board*
    • Tonkon Torp *
    • Umpqua Bank*
    • $1,501–3,000
    • Axes*
    • Federal Workers*
    • Intel*
    • Norris, Beggs & Simpson Companies*
    • Oregon Children’s Theatre*
    • Perkins & Co*
    • Port of Portland*
    • Portland Center Stage*
    • Portland Opera*
    • Washington County*
    • Wieden+Kennedy
    • UP TO $1,500
    • Aldrich Kilbride and Tatone *
    • Johnson Ago
    • Bank of the Cascades*
    • The Boeing Company*
    • Broadway Rose Theatre Company*
    • Bullivant Houser Bailey*
    • Business for Culture & the Arts*
    • Cambia Health Solutions*
    • City of Beaverton*
    • City of Lake Oswego*
    • Davis Wright Tremaine*
    • Green Bench
    • JPMorgan Chase*
    • Kaiser Permanente*
    • At a time*
    • Lane Powell*
    • Metropolitan Group*
    • Moda Health (ODS Companies)*
    • Norm Thompson Outfitters*
    • North Clackamas Schools*
    • OMSI *
    • Oregon Ballet Theatre*
    • Pacific University*
    • PICA *
    • Pop Art*
    • Portland Art Museum*
    • The Portland Clinic*
    • Portland Timbers*
    • Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt *
    • Tears of Joy Theatre*
    • Therapeutic Associates
    • Travel Portland*
    • Turtledove Clemens*
    • The Upper Limits
    • Vernier Software & Technology
    • Wells Fargo Bank*
    • Young Audiences*


RACC recognizes the many who have contributed time and money to make this work possible. Thank you all for helping us integrate arts and culture in all aspects of community life!

Board Committees and Resource Council

  • Tim Drilling
  • Michelle Fujii
  • Kasandra Gruener
  • Denis Hickey
  • Kali Ladd
  • Elaine Luckenbaugh
  • Ross McKeen
  • Carole Morse
  • Kathi Robinson
  • Carol R. Smith
  • Joel Stuart
  • Joseph Suggs
  • David Wynde
  • Kira Higgs
  • Jodi Delahunt Hubbell
  • Joe Krumm
  • Peg Malloy
  • Max M. Miller, Jr.
  • Lina Garcia Seabold
  • Carol R. Smith, Ed. D.
  • Jay Clemens
  • Mike Golub
  • Kira Higgs
  • Joe Krumm
  • Bonita Oswald
  • Lina Garcia Seabold
  • Lina Garcia Seabold
  • Jesse Beason
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Phillip Hillaire
  • Joe Krumm
  • Bonita Oswald
  • Lina Garcia Seabold
  • Alan Alexander III
  • Jennifer Cies
  • Max M. Miller, Jr.
  • Bonita Oswald
  • Jan Robertson
  • Jennifer Cies, Treasurer
  • Nik Blosser
  • Eileen L. Day
  • Mike Golub
  • Eric Hormell
  • Arron Dieter, Investment Consultant
  • Anne Barragar and Gregory Chaimov of Davis Wright Tremaine
  • Peter Bilotta
  • Keith Daly
  • Cynthia Fuhrman
  • Jim Fullan
  • Phillip Hillaire
  • Nicole Lane
  • JS May
  • Courtney Ries
  • James Evans
  • Clara Hillier
  • Gabrielle Foulkes
  • Eve Jakabosky
  • Jessica Latham
  • Jessica Stern
  • Andrea Wallenberger
  • Heidi Watts
  • Bill Barry and Jim Lykins
  • Pam Baker
  • Ernie Bloch II
  • Gwyneth Gamble Booth
  • Claudia Burnett
  • George Forbes
  • Eric Friedenwald-Fishman
  • Mike Lindberg
  • Gary Maffei
  • Mary Maletis
  • Julie Mancini
  • Josie Mendoza
  • Cate Millar
  • Randy J. Miller
  • Carole Morse
  • Bob Packard
  • Dorothy Piacentini
  • Bettsy Preble
  • Mary Ruble
  • Joan Sappington
  • Tad Savinar
  • Carol R. Smith, Ed. D.
  • Craig Thompson
  • Julie Vigeland
  • Clark Worth

Grants Panels

  • Dan DeWeese
  • Kathleen Holt
  • Karen Karbo
  • Flavia Rocha
  • Elizabeth Woody
  • Alan Alexander III
  • Jesse Beason
  • Jennifer Cies
  • Jay Clemens
  • Karen Karbo
  • Peg Malloy
  • Bonita Oswald
  • Joanna Priestley
  • Tad Savinar
  • Intisar Abioto
  • Adlai Alexander
  • Jedadiah Bernards
  • Peter Buonincontro
  • Carolyn Campbell
  • Tony Candelaria
  • Lisa Chang
  • Palma Corral
  • Alissa Creamer
  • Shawn Creeden
  • Tina Daily
  • Poke Dernovšek
  • Trevor Dodge
  • Tim Giugni
  • Scott Goodwin
  • Sabina Haque
  • Justen Harn
  • Garrick Imatani
  • Sara Jaffe
  • Dunja Jennings
  • Nisha Joshi
  • Daniel Kirk
  • Michelle Kopper Seymour
  • Horatio Law
  • Joshua Leake
  • Andrea Leoncavallo
  • Fuchsia Lin
  • Mary McCarty
  • Mack McFarland
  • Roxie McGovern
  • Andre Middleton
  • Chaz Mortimer
  • Robin Mullins
  • Alex Ney
  • Eric Nordstrom
  • Orland Nutt
  • Scott Palmer
  • Kajanne Pepper
  • Leif Peterson
  • Beth Man
  • Gary Robbins
  • Prudence Robert
  • Tyler Ryan
  • Shalanda Sims
  • Aaron Smith
  • Noelle Stiles
  • Toni Tabora-Roberts
  • Pauls Toutonghi
  • Mariana Three
  • Todd Tubutis
  • Tomas Valladares
  • Van Der Merwe Samantha
  • Sivagami Vanka
  • Samantha Wall
  • Libby Werbel
  • Claire Willett
  • Beth Wooten
  • Shirod Younker
  • Alan Alexander III
  • Howie Bierbaum
  • Jay Clemens
  • Gwyneth Gamble Booth
  • Carrie Hoops
  • Tad Savinar

Public Art panels

  • Nan Curtis
  • John Forsgren
  • Phillip Hillaire
  • Matthew Juniper
  • Karen Karbo
  • Victor Maldonado
  • Wendy Red Star
  • Linda Tesner
  • Dorie Vollum
  • David Wark
  • Lisa Canavan
  • Kate May
  • Kevin Reid-Rice
  • Patricia Vincent
  • Chuck Harrison
  • Jason Greene
  • Kristine Artman
  • Michael Walsh
  • Tammy Jo Wilson
  • Marco Benetti
  • Karl Burkheimer
  • Glen Eisner
  • Melinda Graham
  • Erin Janssens
  • Connie Johnson
  • Dave Suttle
  • Linda Tesner
  • Aaron Whelton
  • Timothy Won
  • Doreen Binder
  • Rachael Duke
  • Sam Haffey
  • Ariana Jacob
  • Mack McFarland
  • Diana Banning
  • Chris Beanes
  • Jim Carmin
  • Clare Carpenter
  • Mary Hansen
  • Heather Watkins
  • Marco Benetti
  • Karl Burkheimer
  • Glen Eisner
  • Melinda Graham
  • Erin Janssens
  • Connie Johnson
  • Dave Suttle
  • Linda Tesner
  • Aaron Whelton
  • Timothy Won
  • Michael Endo
  • Brian Padian
  • Paula Rebsom
  • Shu-Ju Wang
  • Kezia Wanner
  • Liz Fouther Branch Gideon Hughes Kendra Larson Victor Maldonado Mark Smith

  • Yoonhee Choi
  • Gabe Flores
  • Roll Hardy
  • Grant Hottle
  • Blake Shell

The Right Brain Initiative

  • Jan Robertson, Co-chair
  • Carol R. Smith Ed. D., Co-chair
  • Verlea G. Briggs
  • Cary Clarke
  • Melissa Goff
  • Tom Hughes
  • Marvin Kaiser
  • Bruce Livingston
  • Max M. Miller, Jr.
  • Sarah Prevost
  • Kathi Robinson
  • Reuben Roqueñí
  • Traci Rossi
  • Jim Schlachter
  • Judy Shiprack
  • Carol R. Smith, Ed. D., Chair
  • Tony Fuemmeler
  • Subashini Ganesan
  • Michelle Fujii
  • Melissa Goff
  • Janis Hill
  • Debbie Johnson
  • Teresa Ketelsen
  • Jan Robertson
  • Joel Stuart
  • Max M. Miller, Jr., Chair
  • Kimberly Brecko
  • Katherine Drew
  • Marvin Kaiser
  • Chris Oxley
  • Rod Pitman
  • Les Badden
  • Tom Cirillo
  • Linda Doyle
  • Tim DuRoche
  • Peg Malloy
  • Cheryl Snow
  • David Wynde
  • Chris Celauro, Chair
  • Chris Celauro
  • Natalie Garyet
  • Barry Johnson
  • Joe Krumm
  • Henry Moreno
  • Karen Stein
  • Kate Clark
  • Sam Ellingson
  • Abbie Hebein
  • Katie Herro
  • Taylor Johnson
  • Ashley Klump
  • Emily Morris
  • Contessa Trujillo
  • Parent Advocate
  • Task Force
  • Dianna Sources
  • Rachel Greben
  • Alicia Hamilton
  • Julia Hammond
  • Sarah Link
  • Kim Strelchun
  • Sarah Asphrom
  • Emily Beleele
  • White Blanton
  • Amber Bozman
  • Sarah Budd
  • Tracy Ferrero
  • Felicia Ferruzza
  • Mary Beth Knoell
  • Nancy Hawk
  • Leann Hollenbeak
  • Brittney Huffman
  • Anna King
  • Sarah Link
  • Sara McCarney
  • Lisa Olson
  • Kally Pelkey
  • Alexis Rolloff
  • Ane Roth
  • Jenifer Rutigliano
  • Cyndia Smith
  • Tammy Vandehey
  • Carrie Ann Wilco
  • Wendy Wilhelm
  • Daniel Casto
  • Sarah Deal
  • Joel Holland
  • Leslie McCollom
  • Becky Thomas
  • Sarah Tracey
  • Erika Anderson
  • Marcia Arganbright
  • Amy Birmingham
  • Cecily Caceu
  • Michelle Carroll
  • Halle Cisco
  • Christi Crowley
  • Pablo Gomez
  • Lexie Olivia Grant
  • Jackie Hooper
  • Frank Hunt
  • Kimberly Ilsovay
  • Paul Johnson
  • Sonja Kelley
  • Maddie Kirby
  • Josephine Kuever
  • Diana Martin
  • Liam McGranahan
  • Mercy McNab
  • David Meesenburg
  • Sarah Moody
  • Brenda Morales
  • Kevin Noonan
  • Grammar
  • Holly Renton
  • Emily Running
  • Hardwick Sexton
  • Sara Sjol
  • Theresa Twilight
  • Kirsten Southwell
  • Travis Souza
  • Emily Stevens
  • Leah Verwey
  • Janet Voss
  • Marshawna Williams

Work For Art

  • Jeff Harvey, Chair
  • Mike Golub, Co-Chair
  • Nick Fish
  • Mike Golub
  • Jeff Harvey
  • Tom Hughes
  • Gregg Kantor
  • Carole Morse
  • Greg Ness
  • Bob Packard
  • Brian Rice
  • Jan Robertson
  • Julie Vigeland
  • Peter Bilotta
  • Deborah Edward
  • Mike Golub
  • Josie Mendoza
  • Carole Morse
  • Jan Robertson
  • Terry Clelen
  • Nneka Hall
  • Whitney Jacobson
  • Air Jackson
  • Jim Lykins
  • Christian Ricketts
  • Richard Siote
  • Marshawna Williams

Our work would not be possible without the extraordinary contributions we receive from businesses, foundations, government agencies and individuals. We are incredibly grateful for your support!

RACC donor list

  • Alice Abney
  • Alan Alexander III
  • Jesse Beason and Jeff Gierer
  • Nik Blosser
  • Verlea G. Briggs & Family
  • Sidonie Caron
  • Jennifer Cies & Maria Gonzalez
  • Jessica Clark
  • Jay Clemens
  • Eileen Day
  • Jodi Delahunt Hubbell and Todd Hubbell
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Rep. Lew Frederick
  • Mike Golub
  • Stacey Graham
  • Kira Higgs
  • Phillip Hillaire
  • Eric R. Hormel
  • Jerry Hudson
  • Karen Karbo
  • Joe Krumm
  • Jay Lorenz & Wendy Dembo
  • Peg Malloy
  • Max and Lori Miller
  • Bonita Oswald
  • Joanna Priestley
  • Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
  • Brian Rice
  • Jan Robertson
  • Marian & Elihu Schott Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
  • Maria I. Garcia Seabold
  • Al Solheim
  • Carol Smith
  • Janis & Clark Williams and friends
  • 4Imprint
  • Architectural Heritage Center
  • Artichoke Community Music Café
  • Artists Repertory Theatre
  • Eye Gallery
  • Barb’s Catering
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Bridgetown Printing
  • Broadway Rose Theatre Company
  • Brown Printing
  • Buttons-Now.com
  • Cascadia Art Conservation Center
  • Chamber Music NW
  • Curious Comedy Theater
  • Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
  • Docu Source
  • Elephants Delicatessen Catering
  • Joel W. Fisher
  • FMYI.com
  • Framing Resource
  • Froelick Gallery
  • Gary McGee & Co
  • Graffiti Removal Service
  • Finance Community
  • Development Corp
  • Historical CJ Howe Building
  • Vacation Loft
  • Hollywood Theater
  • Hot Lips Pizza
  • Milepost 5 Studios LP
  • Missionary Chocolates
  • Mosaic Church
  • New Horizons CLC of Portland, Inc
  • Ninkasi Brewing
  • North, Inc
  • Oregon Ballet Theatre
  • Oregon Children’s Theatre
  • Oregon Society of Artists
  • Pacific Pressure Washing
  • Papa Haydn
  • Paragon Restaurant
  • PGE
  • Pittock Mansion
  • Plastic Printers
  • Portland Baroque Orchestra
  • Portland Center Stage
  • Portland Timbers
  • Portland Tribune
  • PosterGarden
  • Pushdot Studio
  • Q Center
  • Random Order Coffeehouse
  • ROCO Winery
  • Rose Quarter
  • Salt & Straw
  • Scribe LLC
  • Stange Design
  • Tartberry
  • Tears of Joy Theatre
  • Miracle Theater
  • Third Angle New Music Ensemble
  • University of Oregon’s School of Architecture and Allied Arts
  • Deschutes Brewery
  • Sonny Davis
  • Papa Haydn
  • Portland Opera
  • New Deal Distillery
  • Oregon Arts Commission
  • Oregon Symphony
  • Portland Art Museum
  • Portland Center Stage
  • Sokol Blosser Winery
  • Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
  • Anonymous

Right Brain donor list

  • All contributions to The Right Brain Initiative are listed at therightbraininitiative.org/donors. We are especially grateful to the businesses, foundations, government entities and individuals who have given $500 or more:
  • Anonymous
  • AHS Foundation
  • Nancy Archer
  • BNSF Railway Foundation
  • Duncan and Cindy Campbell of The Campbell Foundation
  • City of Roses Newspaper Company
  • Compound Gallery
  • The Concordia Foundation
  • The Collins Foundation
  • Charmian Creagle
  • The Fred W. Fields Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
  • Juan Young Trust
  • Sean Hammons
  • Abbie Hebein
  • Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council
  • Marvin Kaiser
  • Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund
  • Barbara Mason
  • Timothy L. McMahan
  • Meyer Memorial Trust
  • James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation
  • Susan Miller
  • The National Endowment for the Arts
  • OnPoint Community Credit Union
  • Oregon Arts Commission
  • The Oregon Community Foundation
  • PGE Foundation
  • Alexis Rolloff
  • Kenneth Rosenberg
  • Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation
  • US Bank/US Bancorp Foundation
  • Donna Allen Wardenaar
  • Lisa Wiese

Work for Art donor list

  • Work for Art’s Matching Challenge Fund for FY13 was funded in part by:
  • Burgerville
  • Cambia Health Solutions/The Regence Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
  • City of Portland
  • Clackamas County
  • Firstenburg Foundation
  • Multnomah County
  • Sunshine Dairy Foods
  • Washington County
  • All contributions to Work for Art are listed at workforart.org/donors. We are especially grateful to the individuals who gave $500 or more to the Work for Art Community Fund and/or the Arts Education Fund:
  • Anonymous (4)
  • Roy Abramowitz
  • Joyce Bell
  • Carol Bernick
  • Chris & Lisa Bisgard
  • Elisabeth Brewer
  • Verlea Briggs
  • Michael Troy Cader
  • Mark Clift
  • Eloise Damrosch
  • Cindy Deane
  • Brent Denhart
  • Janet Ebright
  • Cynthia Fuhrman
  • Laura Goty
  • Jack Graves
  • Jeff Hawthorne
  • Qing Ju
  • Steven Kingsley
  • Renata Lasich
  • Sheila Lewis
  • Steven Lovett
  • Susan Marks
  • Lois and Joe Malango
  • Timothy McMahan
  • Meredith Miller
  • Julie Neburka
  • William Nicholson
  • Louise Patten
  • Gary Reynolds
  • Jan Robertson
  • Kurt Ruttum
  • Rebecca Settlemyer
  • Chris Shaffer
  • Linda Strahm
  • Mary Strasdin
  • Erik Stromquist
  • Christopher Tew
  • From Summers
  • Tonya Varga

We’re not in it alone! In fact, we rely on collaborations with dozens of other extraordinary organizations in order to enrich our communities through arts and culture.

Memberships and Strategic Partners

  • Americans for the Arts
  • ASCD
  • Business for Culture & the Arts
  • City Club of Portland
  • Clackamas County Arts Alliance
  • Corbett School District
  • Creative Advocacy Network
  • Cultural Advocacy Coalition
  • Grantmakers in the Arts
  • Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington Gresham Barlow School District
  • Hillsboro School District
  • The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Nonprofit Association of Oregon
  • North Clackamas Schools
  • Oregon Arts Commission
  • Oregon Cultural Trust
  • Oregon Native American Chamber
  • Oregon Trail School District
  • Portland Business Alliance
  • Portland Public Schools
  • Public Art Network
  • The Society for Human Resource Management
  • Travel Portland
  • United Arts Fund Network
  • U.S. Urban Arts Federation
  • Westside Cultural Alliance, Washington County
  • Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington
  • Willamette Valley

We also wish to thank

  • Elizabeth Clarke and Scott Daniels, AKT
  • Chris D’Arcy
  • Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish and Jenny Kalez
  • Molly Kelly, Xenium HR
  • Chari Smith, CRSmith Consulting
  • Laura Kakolewski, National Arts Marketing Project
  • Speaker Minds
  • Annual report design by Jen Wick Studio
  • Editing by Margaret Seiler
  • Production by Wess Willis, Lucent PDX



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